Perfect timing is one of the most important factors to produce masterpieces. The great things occur when perfect timing suddenly comes and flabbergast you with breathtaking photos – such an excellent one-in-lifetime picture. Look at these 51 photos, and you will agree that the moment changes everything. You couldn’t have planned them, even if you tried. The photographer of these pictures more likely can’t snap the same.Show Full Text

#1. Coolest Name To Print On Sport Shirt

Does she know that? She knows, doesn’t she? That why she take a selfie in front of the mirror. If she didn’t notice, she idiot girl. Agree? High five!!

#2. Perfect Timing! Just Look How Happy They Are!

That’s certainly a happy family. He just lying next to his sweetheart – get a grip. No one else but dad, mom, and a little princess in this picture. However, this one – you are just seeing that. Do you see that? Do you? Yea… How it could be so so so similar like that… So unfortunate.

Anyway, he gonna decide to grow his hair after seeing this photo, I suppose. Hardly anyone loves to be slapped wrong place.

#3. Now Let’s See Who Is The Tallest

She may be not the tallest or the nicest; she may neither hottest nor coolest. One thing is certain: she makes sure to shave, and this is the brightest girl tonight. This girl is the clear demonstration: never underestimate the flexible girl.

I know you already stare at her.  Imagine, Just imagine how it could be without that tiny paint. LOL sorry for ruining your dirty mind.

#4. Hey Man! You’re In The Perfect Timing Photo

In the right place, at the right time, with perfect position, he’s really enjoyed that corn dog. After public this photo, he might not enjoy corn dog for a long time… Or addicts it. Sometimes, such a success people like him do weird things. Actually, there are many ridiculous things successful people do everyday

Perfect timing is the main things; You couldn’t see the same picture. Cuz he withdraw his own experience: checking background first.

#5. No! Brobably No

Until now some of you don’t know what it is, I supposed. Cuz neither do I. LOL. It’s just baby sleeping eye, what are you thinking? This photos just wrong when you got dirty mind. If that, most of us the same, hardly anyone got innocent one.

#6. How Can The Girl Float?

Maybe she got levitation skill by the power of Jesus. The answer is here: if you look closely you can see the chair, you can barely see a leg of a chair she is sitting. The chair in front is blocking the leg of the chair she’s sitting on. Until here, some of you must say:’ wtf I still can’t see it!!’. I could say: ‘Now you can rest in peace soldier’. Read about WHY WOMEN LIVE LONGER THAN MEN — THESE PICS REVEAL THE ANSWER to click here.

#7. It’s Cameramen Fault

It’s totally camera operators fault; he should have been in front of these ladies instead. These women do not know they are in the perfect timing of lens, and this is behind the scenes. Or there’s something very wrong under these dresses with particular place.

#8. Not His Fault, It’s Just Because She Hot

You know, it’s puberty, yeah, that time. I will do the same if I stand front of this attractive girl. But, for sure, I will not act like that boy. But, how could I deal with the case of seeing that butt? Poor me. I am sympathy with you, boy.

#9. Nope, You’re Wrong; The Doggo Is Posing

This picture just simply improves that human is not the one who could know where the camera is. It’s the animal who master of this. The consequence, as you can see, that doggo is much more stunning than the woman, even she so attractive, right?

#10. Never Underestimate Flexible Girl

It’s true, not just in this photo but in real life. Don’t mess with these girls, cuz they are extremely flexible, or you will replace that poor little girl. Flexible, the most effective weapons of women.

#11. Look Twice, Even More

Gotcha! I know what are you thinking, me too. Even look twice I still hope that is real what I ( and you are) am thinking. However, of course, she does not show all of her for the camera. Not the perfect timing, not the perfect angle, but the perfect angle, do you agree with me?

#12. You Should Know Better Than To Be Thinking What You’re Thinking

This is definitely an innocent situation. But this one – you’re just seeing that – so does everyone, not just you. That’s how you get trust issues. Exactly moment for photographer to press the button.

#13. Don’t Think Outside The Box, But… Where’s The Box?

Look twice, even more, to understand what is happening. Do not stare like this. I know some of you are looking forward another thing, then again, nothing in there. Look at her facial expression, she already knows what are you thinking and how disappointed you are. She must be the one who made this trap.

#14. He Loses One Ball And He Finds Two Others

And he got them already. What’ll going on when someone says that no hand in football. It still a perfect sport photo. It so right when said that everything can occur in sport. This quote is talking about the important role of perfect timing.

#15. Oops! He Forgot To Check The Background

The real man is so attractive with firm muscles, beautiful abs and.. nice butt. The poster man is also cool. They got so right place and so right moment. One has beer, and another got ice cream. Beer is perfect. Ice cream is… eww. I’m certainly its taste is not easy as young man facial expression.

This is a so hilariously awful perfect timing that makes me LOL hard. However, on second thought, I’m not going to enjoy cream for a long time.

#16. Close Your Legs, Girls

And shave it too “Wait.. what! What the heck am I looking!” Sure, how dirty mind you are. She is beautiful and also her long leg. Owner of the pair of hairy leg is the man next to her. She just in right angle and exactly right moment.

#17. Confident Walk

By her walk, we can see how confident, comfortable, fashionable she is. And we all know what will happen next. Can anyone imagine what is the most posture she could fail? I got one, and it really hurt.

#18. He Will Not Impress His Neighborhood By This Way

This dad, of course, isn’t giving the whole neighborhood the show. This the perfect timing of dad and his little princesses with swimming pool and sunshine. Look at this photo, you will say ‘ wtf ‘ at first glance.

#19. Calm Down Just Feet

Obviously, when you stare so close, you recognize that is the foot. But at first glance, you and I misunderstand.

#20. Just Jerk It

They have felt it. Totally felt it. The facial expression of both really transforms this into a couple of vehement love timing. Is it call perfect timing? At this moment, no one else but these two men. It is a love story, baby just says ‘yes’. It is true that everything could happen in sport and without women, men could be completely happy.