Perfect Timing: Wrong Photo Snapped At Right Moment

Perfect timing is one of the most important factors to produce masterpieces. The great things occur when perfect timing suddenly comes and flabbergast you with breathtaking photos – such an excellent one-in-lifetime picture. Look at these photos, and you will agree that the moment changes everything. You couldn’t have planned them, even if you tried. The photographer of these pictures more likely can’t snap the same.

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Today, we all record our life stories in pictures and camera is extremely common which help people much easier to catch beautiful moments. Somehow, in the right flash, at the right place, lucky or unlucky it could be a truly perfect timing photo. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to snap a picture, all you need is a camera or smartphone with a perfect angle; the key is to choose the exact right moment to press the button and then you might capture several pics telling hilarious moments.

This collection of perfect timing photos will definitely make you laugh at a large scale, or it could twist your mind. Don’t be panic at first glance, some of the pictures you need more time to look twice or even more to understand what’s going on there.

#1. Coolest Name

Coolest-name-to-print-into-sport-shirt-perfect timing

Source: 9gag

This name might quite common in Slovenia and Croatia, however, do not use this name for your child, it will matter. Not only in case she stands back to mirror but on a game in elementary school where we figured out how our names were said backward. Your child wouldn’t want to be called “Anal, Anal” all the time. By the way, Superman’s first girlfriend’s name is Lana Lang, so don’t bother if you or your friend name that.

#2. Perfect Timing! Just Look How Happy They Are!

Just-look-how-happy-they-are-perfect timing

Source: Funny Junk

This picture has something more than happiness. Its inexplicable make you have no clue what you’re looking. I think the perfect storm begins with the ear placement which looks exactly like an asshole. The hairy shoulder and the bald head blending together with the exact curve. combines it look like Kim Kardashian giant dirty ass.

Anyway, he gonna decide to grow his hair after seeing this photo, I suppose. Hardly anyone loves to be slapped wrong place.

#3. Excellent Camouflage

good-camouflage-perfect timing

Source: Imgur

You may find out one thing is not like the others if look close enough. But yet, there is a cat somewhere in that picture. No tricks, it’s just had serious camouflage. Golden cat in the middle of the top wood stack. It’s very pale, barely yellow. If its eyes were open, that would take 15 seconds.


#4. Hang on. No! Probably No

No-brobably-no-perfect timing

Source: Pinterest

I know it does look like something else. Until now some of you don’t know what it is, I supposed. It’s just baby sleeping eye with hairy lashes, what are you thinking? Get your mind out of the gutter. This photos just wrong when you got a dirty mind.

#5. How Can The Girl Float?

How-the-girl-can-float-perfect timing

Source: 9gag

Maybe she got levitation skill by the power of Jesus. The answer is here: if you look closely you can see the chair, you can barely see a leg of a chair she is sitting. The chair in front is blocking the leg of the chair she’s sitting on. Until here, some of you must say:’ wt* I still can’t see it!!’. I could say: ‘Now you can rest in peace soldier’.

#6. Don’t Think Outside The Box

Can-anyone-explain-what-is-she-doing-perfect timing

Source: BuzzFeed

This shot can make you scratch your head for a moment. Look twice, even more, to understand what is happening. Do not stare. I know some of you are looking another thing, then again, nothing in there. This picture may be intentional, maybe not but it certainly gave us a laugh at a large scale.

#7. He Loses One Ball And He Finds Two Others

He-loses-one-ball-and-he-finds-two-others-perfect timing

Source: BuzzFeed

Sport is full of funny pics that were taken at the right moment. Here is what going on when someone says that no hand in football. Photographers captured more than he expected.

#8. He Will Not Impress His Neighborhood By This Way

He-will-not-impress-his-neighborhood-by-this-way-perfect timing

Source: theChive

This dad, of course, isn’t giving the whole neighborhood the show. This’s a perfect timing of dad and his little princesses by swimming pool in the sunshine. Look at this photo, you will say “WT*” at first glance.


#9. Just Jerk It

Just-do-it-perfect timing

Source: Reddit

They have felt it, totally felt it. The facial expression of both really transforms this into a couple of vehement love timing. Is it call perfect timing? At this moment, no one else but these two men. It is a love story, baby just says ‘yes’. It is true that everything could happen in sport and without women, men could be completely happy.

#10. He isn’t A Member Of Fantastic Four

He-is-not-member-of-Fantastic-Four-perfect timing

Source: Cheezburger

Four young outsiders gain superhuman powers as they alter their physical form in shocking ways. This man is not Mr. Fantastic. It is the girl’s hand and the man’s arm in the background. Just the exactly right moment, right angle and he become a true superhero.

#11. They’re Born For Each Other

Theyre-born-for-each-other-1-perfect timing

Source: Imgur

When someone said: ” Be yourself ”
This is the result.

Perfective combination! Fit in every inch, from the posture to the color of hair. It seems like we gonna has new kind of superhero – dogman!

#11. Spend For Hours And It Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Spend-for-hours-and-it-still-doesnt-make-sense-perfect timing

Source: 9gag

Day 654, still trying to understand this picture. This is really bothering me and makes my brain glitch.

To understand the picture you have to look at the t-shirt. The gray shirt of the boy is “melting” with the white shirt of the guy who on the girls back. That makes the picture so confusing. For clearer, cover the white shirt with your finger, you can see that the boy is standing behind the girl and helping her carrying the guy. Now I can die in peace.

#12. Unintentional Design

Unintentional-design-perfect timing

Source: Pinterest

The artist absolutely did not intend to… but yeah. Everyone can see the wrong thing in this picture. But if look closer, it still an innocent picture with perfect meaning. Not even kids books are safe from your filthy mind.

#13. This Makes You Look Twice

This-make-you-look-twice-perfect timing

Source: Funny or Die

A single dog with two head? Or just a perfect timing. The first dog is obviously can see and the second dog between legs of the person. They two brothers just perfect combination to be a transformer.

#14. When You Realize Something Is Not Something Else

when-you-realize-something-is-not-something-else-perfect timing

Source: Pinterest

Many people take this picture to be their avatar. Super cool, supersize, super hair as well. That an awkward moment when you realize that’s your puppy. You dirty mind!

#15. Oh Honey, Stop It, Not Now!

Oh-honey-stop-it-not-now-perfect timing

Source: Reddit

“Aw! my boyfriend is soo sweet! Sneaking in the shower to take shots of me”


She might be on Valentine day. I keep imagining after she publishes this photo and someone pointing out the mirror. Well, at least she tried.

#16. The Arm

The-arm-perfect timing

Source: Pinterest

It’s so exciting to watch baseball. Wait… What! I know what do you think at the first glance, but no. It looks like, but probably no.
Not everything in life follows the way we want it. At least we received a laugh out of it!

#17. Reflection

Reflection-perfect timing

Source: Imgur

That must be an interesting lesson when student laughs at an obvious thing and presenter has no idea what the heck is happening until this picture are flooded the internet. This man didn’t pee. Just the reflection on podium makes it look like he wet his pants. He chooses exactly place and his student chooses the exactly perfect timing to click the button.

#18. Whom That Head Belong To

Whom-that-head-belong-to-perfect timing

Source: BuzzFeed

What head belongs to what body? Upon first look, it really does seem like she has two head. In reality, however, this was just an amazingly angled shot.  Beautiful faces, perfect timing and awkward angle.

#19. Another Superwoman

Another-super-woman-perfect timing

Source: BuzzFeed

#20. Cool Grandpa

Cool-grandpa-perfect timing

Source: Reddit

When you just can’t hold it anymore and truthfully, he is too exposed. Well, just another one of perfect timing photos where the exact angle happened.

#21. Hey, The Bride Is Over There

Perfectly-Timed-Photos-80-perfect timing

Source: Pinterest

Anyman could keep the bride out of focus but not that bridesmaid. Photographers take thousands of pictures for a wedding and most of them are of bride and groom, but not this wedding.

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