There are several scientific reasons why women live longer than men. While some people struggle with statistic and evidence to come close to some answers, top men magazine suggests otherwise. After seeing these picture, you will know why and start to make sense.

#1. Forgot To Think

Yes, it is a gun in his ear. Gun safety training: it just ain’t what it used to be. Another proof for Stupidity Has No Limits. Not just men do dumb things Hottest Girls Do The Dumbest Things also. I’m still trying to comprehend that, with a few exceptions.

#2. How Men Trust In Other Men

I wanna know the conversation that led to this. Until this picture, I’m glad this was titled “why women live longer”. I don’t think this one kind should be last long.

#3. All He Has To Do Is Pinch A Finger, Jerk Back, And GOODNIGHT CHARLIE!

I want to know what is his motivation. That wood bar even doesn’t have a nail spot. Maybe this man has a strong belief in God. Guys and cars… I’m a guy, and I don’t get it.

Of course, women hardly fix her car, unique in this way, and that explain why women outlive men.

#4. Are They Still Alive

The sunny summer day with a BBQ  and beer, a party on the pool, wonderful idea1! I jealous now, boys, wait… what! What are you thinking? Seriously at least, please! one of you boy say something don’t expect magic, It will not occur, definitely. For that to seem safe, they must have had too many drinks. Read more about 20 TV SHOWS THAT ONLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE APPRECIATE by clicking here.

#5. Fire In The HOLE

What would happen if the trigger is pulled? He will get the colon cleansing of a lifetime.  Anyway, more like the smartest policeman. Fuck standing all day. He just use what he got.

#6. Say Hello To My Little Friend

Don’t want kid anyway; his stupid gene stops here – maybe that is what he’s thinking.

What is he doing, the question many buddies might ask, well, God knows, he just want another hole beside a Hole in butt.

#7. Where The Hell Is His Spotter

If it’s stupid, but it works, there’s a good chance it’s still stupid. He believes, he can do that. We need to make the Darwinism process, a much more effective herd-thinning mechanism. Proof that evolution is not a perfect practice, Still women live longer than men.

#8. I Was Told Women Live Longer Than Men, Now I Understand

He just checks the gun, but the wrong way. I don’t think he could see some stuff inside that tube. Don’t risk your life soldier, that a gun, stop kidding me. Words fail me. Men, remember to check the background before taking photos.

#9. When Shipping Charges Are Too Expensive

Hey dude, when are you going to get a car? – I dunno, but check out how cool this new tv is!

It was probably more comfortable to have the top sloped instead of rectangular. Mid-drive home he realized the rectangle box hurt his arms and so he sought to remedy that.

#10. This Show You Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It’s not about adding years to your life; it’s about adding life to your years. He needn’t know why women live longer than men; he just knows why men alway have funnier than women.

#11. Dear God Make Me A Bird So I Can Fly Far Away

Words fail me. He confuses about the side maybe the best explanation for me now. He must me stay on another side. The more I look, the more unexplainable I feel. I wonder if he knows the consequence or not? Oops, it really hurt. If you’re a true man, you understand what’s I mean.

#12. Do What I Say Not What I Do

Men: Sir, to hang this I need a….

Manager: Just get it done Johnson. Corporate has mandated that we show our commitment to safety now, and I need you to be a problem solver!

That’s ironic; maybe he’s actually taking it down.

#13. Perfect Balanced Skill

He-will-got-much-more-money-for-his-performance-women live longer than men

Source: theChive

Sure, there are plenty rooms. Just 500% of space used. He will get much more money for his performance, or this man will get the well-paid job in some financial company, they really need this kind of employer.

#14. At Least He’S Trying

I suggest two holes on the eye place, it might be better. So that he could heal the steel not his hand.
I’d like to meet the person who suggests this solution and figure out what is it in his brain; maybe there is some solution in my case.

#15. He Got Strong Belief In The Rope

It’s all good, man. The tree can’t fall backward because they’ve tied it off with a rope. One tiny little piece of rope. Nobody says anything. Let nature do her job. By warning everyone not to use the dryer in the bathtub, we’re just breeding a dumber species.

#16. He Is The Most Trusting Person I’Ve Ever Seen

Okay buddy, we gotcha. Faithful – we show you what’s teamwork is. That will really help him when he slips. They may make better money performing.

#17. At Least The Cops Can’T Bust Them For Not Using A Turn Signal

Driver: Could you just like stay on my roof and support my mini fridge while I drive? I promise I’ll follow the rule; I’ll turn on the turn signal to let you know, agree?

Man: YES!! Yes, a million times Yes!!!!!

Slam on breaks watches how far the man will fly. That’s why women live longer than men.

#18. Her Husband Came Home

Hey! Honey, have you done with your husband, I can’t stand anymore.

Probably, he got a bad day; he’s got nothing.

#19. How Even!!!

Higher, higher, highest! While this is still dumb as shit, the camera angle makes it look like this is a wall. It’s a roof, and has a pitch, probably of 45 degrees. So it’s not as crazy as it looks since the dude is mostly laying on the roof. However, that roof at a 45° angle offers no traction and is pretty much a fun slide that sends you straight to workers comp town.

#20. He’S Done This A Million Times; Notice The Lack Of Eyebrows

I thought this was standard procedure? How else would you light up before you start brazing? I’m sure many men out there said that they do this pretty often. And yes my buddies, that’s why women live longer than men.

#21. As Long As Stay Away From The Sunshine

What brains!!! Do they know what they are doing? Nope, They must be from another place, not this Earth. I claim. The sunshine is bad, but this situation is… can’t describe! I rather exposed than sitting under that shade.

#22. Hi, Honey, I’m Home!

Hi Honey, I am gone. I just try to kill the tiny spider, now it lives, and I die instead. Thanks, honey you’re an animal lover!

I’d love to see how he even got up there… and how he gets down.

#23. What If He Has A Nightmare

Would you like to see how one gets into such a situation? be drunk. If someone startles him or the vehicle stops suddenly, he going to wake up and can’t understand why he dies.  Now you know why everybody else is wearing a hat.

#24. Hopefully, He’s Wearing His Helmet Or A Bucket At Least

What if he slips out? Then the gravity will do its job. Highly motivated worker. He’s worried for his masterpiece so much. Women might be jealous you because you are so flexible. But you’re also jealous them cuz of the fact that women live longer than men.

#25. How Does He Go Back

How’s he going to get down? Same way he got up there. Guys, there are so many creations with the light changing challenge. Probably the women waiting to tell you “I told you so”.

#26. To The Naw Naw Naw

That’s an eight-story fall from a seven building. 99 times out of 100 you won’t fall off and die. But the other 1 is kind of a problem. Who says suicide has to be depressing… I mean, besides the pavement…

#27. What Are They Trying To Do?

Because there is a big difference between being in the cable car and on top of it. The reason men die before women…? They want to.

#28. Ahh I See What Is Wrong Here – Not Wearing Safety Shoes

The tiny dust annoys him much, so that prevent him from enjoying the view. Can’t stand anymore, and the result. Imagine if he happens to sneeze. It’s hurt attack for the cameramen, not him. Anyway, Not the fact that he is standing barefoot in shorts clinging to the side if the building like Spiderman is trying to clean window. That shock me the most.

This literally sent chills down my legs, Is there anyone with me?

#29. I Saw Worse

Ambulance in 3..2..1. And yes, it starts with ” hold my beer”.Why women live longer than men? This stuff is why.

#30. We See The Use Of Many Muscles, But A Serious Shortage Of Brain

Honey, I changed the light successfully! However… the couch’s frame is bent now, one of the cushions kinda popped, and the leg of the couch made a whole in the wall, which means no electricity is going to that light anyways.” … “Also, my neck hurts like all hell.

Ingenuity, I am impressed. It may take one to change a light bulb, but how many did it take to get the couch there? And in the case of a fall, there is a squishy couch to land upon.

#31. Iron Man

Ok, this confirms it, Women live longer than men. Someone give him brain back. If the plug is into the electrical outlet, he an idiot, if it not, he a super idiot. Probably women waiting to tell you “I told you so”.

#32. Is This How They Give Flu Shots Now

This is dad and son. Dad and son call an ambulance. Both are okay; they call just because they want it. Ambulance comes. For a sensible reason, they decide to do that. Don’t be like dad and son.

#33. Then The Phone Rings

An interesting network of braces…and then there’s the chair. We can’t say women had no participation what over. Even then, it’s a very shoddy and unstable arrangement. Look at the chair on the left too, and how it’s itself on some loose planks too! And not wearing fall protection despite working way beyond the balcony, but this violation sadly seems to be very common All is the answer for why women live longer than men.

#34. When Your Neighbor Have A Conflict

This picture should occur in a common meme with the title: on a Monday like or lobotomy, fast and cheap – and hopefully pain free.

#35. My Vehicle Is Precious Than Myself

And by the helmet, I mean bucket, while placing the actual helmet on your handlebars. Wouldn’t want those to get a traumatic brain injury. But, too late for that… obviously, the brain injury has already happened. All is needed just something to catch his brains in should it pop out of his skull.

#36. Not Enough

Not-enough-women live longer than men

#37. Now Some Clever Loading

Wow! this really saves time, save energy, save money but definitely do not save your live, men. What kills me is that they put just enough thought into this to know to place the orange safety cones on the ground for the truck, but they forgot about the ones for the fall zone.

#38. Hold My Beer

Just a little off center. This should end well. Yolo. But you will die! Obviously, women live longer than men, when women drunk, they likely tend to crazy thing not dumb stuff like men always do.

#39. But My Wife Said That…

He believes, he can do that. The thing that catches my eye much more is the view behind. The view from that building just fantastic. I wish I could own one of these apartments. But for sure I’ll hire cleaner service, not do it by myself like this.

#40. At Least We Know His Hair Is Safe

Safety first, I’m the one who always obeys the rule, you can check.

This might be one kind of camouflage. When someone aims to his head, they must be missing it. I’m still trying to comprehend that.

#41. Women Live Longer Than Men, That True

How else would you do that? It’s actually safe the ladder can’t go anywhere, simple physics. Not safe for work but approved by physics. This ladder shouldn’t fall lest he adds more weight. One wrong movement and the ladder might flip, or the worker falls off.

#42. You Should Increase Your Life Insurance Policy

He just seeks a right place for sunbathing. He figures out that’s the way to use a ladder. If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid. If it works but is stupid then its physics, just proof that women live longer than men.

#43. Can’t Even

I bet these two men don’t know the truth above them and they are checking it. Soon enough, if lucky. Men, you are an outstanding demonstration of the theory women live longer than men. Women know how to doubt, so people don’t have woman check something like that.

#44. This Could Be Paneful!

We gotta GLASSk him to come down. Maybe he wants to be a Pikachu. You know some fellas just crazy about Pokemon. People don’t understand that this is actually safe. That’s why women live longer than men.

#45. This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Even something as simple as moving a couch becomes a deadly activity. For me, to support these men, those guys taking sofa upstairs. That two downstairs just give this furniture. A good idea.

#46. This One Seems Very Safe

Got ya butttttt. I hope he remembers to thank his friend for the support. Sometimes having a stick up your ass really helps. It’s not the stick I worry about; it’s the splinters.  Dude is one bad step away from never shitting right again, ever.

#47. Hey How’S It Hang In

The man on the ladder is wearing boots. Hey, are you kidding me?! Is the safety rope supposed to go around his neck? Tell me it’s not.

#48. Use What You Have

This is totally safe. Trust me. I’m an engineer… well, nearly … only six semesters left. That’s the attitude, keep working hard on your dreams and don’t believe people that always says: “you can’t.”

#49. That’S Pretty Creative Tho

People don’t understand that this is actually safe. Use your friends wisely. You break I break com on, show them, why women live longer than men.

#50. Women Always Know How To Protect Themselves

Girls, they always know how to protect themselves that why women outlive men. Sometimes our ladies also want some fun perfect timing: wrong photos snapped at right moments

It is not about adding years to your life; it’s about adding life to your years. That’s is What these all men message you. Why women live longer than men. Because they do not have to live with women.