You Could Never Believe But These People Actually Exist!

Everybody is unique. People’s personalities, their beliefs, abilities, physical characters can all never be the same. However, some people are more extraordinary than others, some amazing and unbelievable. These people definitely stand out of the row of even the most special ones.

Nowadays, the world seems small and flat but still full of wonders. The following people will improve that most unbelievable things can happen on this incredible planet.  There is a huge variety of people living in it. You might not believe what you are going to see.

We will tell you about people you might never believe actually exist in real life.

#1. Proud Owner of Giant Beach Balls


Source: Pinterest

Annie Hawkins-Turner, a native of Atlanta, Georgia who has size 72ZZZ breasts, each one is 70 inches around, weighs 42 pounds, and gives her three and a half feet of Cleavage. There are many of women who get surprising size breasts somewhere in the world but this woman is holding the record for the world’s largest natural breasts. This lady is known by Norma Stitz and she seems very proud of two giant beach balls.

#2. She Insists She Does Not Want To Lose Weight


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Mikel Ruffinelli, 42, the Los Angeles resident whose hips are 8 feet wide – twice the size of the average woman. She has to face the challenges on a daily basis. Driving a wide truck as she doesn’t fit into a standard size car, wearing custom-made clothes, sitting in steel-supported chairs. Also, she is forced to side-shuffle around her house to avoid getting stuck in corridors and even struggles to fit in the shower. Despite her daily struggles to get about the mum-of-fours still very proud of her curves.

God save us. For guys interested in large hips, what would you say about this one?

#3. The Woman Is Absolutely Huge



Elisany Silva is 18-year old Brazilian girls who stand 6 feet and 9 inches tall. The teenager and her engaged boyfriend are happy together and even planning to have children. The tumor in her pituitary gland which caused her form of gigantism might make problems conceiving, but she is willing to adopt if pregnancy is impossible.

This amazing girl is just one of many people on the list. Can’t wait.

#4. Human Barbie Is Real

Valeria Lukyanov, 28, has made YouTube videos that attract hundreds of thousands of views by the doll-like beauty. People consider her to be the Human Barbie due to her delightful eyes, slim waist, and massive breasts.
She totally rubbishes the claim having rib removing surgeries but admits to having breast surgery only. She states that to achieve her appearance she must take workouts seriously and follow strict special diets. However, her look is so doll-like sparked controversy, with many questioning how many surgeries she had undergone to get those elfin features.


#5. From Being A Regular Girl To The Most Tattooed Woman In The World

Julia Gnuse has spent more than £40,000 covering almost every inch of her 5ft2 body and becomes the Most Tattooed Woman in the world. Tattoos that ranged from jungle scenes, cartoons to images of her favorite actors, they are all done by one artist and have taken five years to cover 95 percent of her body.
20 years ago, miss Gnuse got her first tattoo to covered up the scars caused by porphyria – a disease makes her skin gets wounded and blistered when exposed to the sunlight and became addicted to body art. Only her ears and feet remain their natural color.

#6. Corset Training Tightlacing Regimen

Wearing a corset every single day for three years, 24-year-old girl German Michelle Kobke achieved the shape she wants. She has actually shrunk her waist size from 25 inches to 15.7 inches by wearing the corset constantly day and night even while eating, sleeping, and swimming. Though wearing the restrictive garment it still seems like she could be able to sleep in it.
Many people react quite negatively to the extreme measures she takes for beauty. Just such a strange girl.

#7. Real Life Rapunzel


Source: Pinterest

Mrs. Mandela with 55ft long dreadlocks, longer than a bus holds the Guinness World Record for the longest dreadlocks. She has been keeping the dreads for 25years now. Despite doctors have advised her to cut her hair for health reasons (weighs 39 pounds of hair could paralyze her), has vowed never cut them.

In 2008, she was the first person to win the Record for longest dreadlocks, and a year later, she broke her own record. In 2010, Guinness retired this category making Mandela the first and only record holder.

#8. Abby And Brittany, A Body And Two Souls


Source: Pinterest

The world was amazed by twin Abby and Brittany Hensel when they first appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and then the back of Life Magazine when they were just six years old. The twin share most organs below the navel, two hearts with one shared circulatory system, four lungs, two stomachs. Abby controls the right side of the body while Brittany controls the left. They attended high school, college and have a degree in Fine Arts. Also, they have different characters and tastes: Brittany is great at writing while Abby is good at math.

Hardly any twin could survive into adulthood if they are in the Abby and Brittany situation. This twin leads a normal life, magically, live in good health, without heart defects or organ failure.

#9. The Guinness World Record Longest Nails To Female


Source: Pinterest

Measuring in at 11 ft 10 in on her left hand and 12 ft 1 in on her right hand Christine Walton Has The Guinness World Record Longest Nails. The question is Why would she want nails this long? How can she possibly do anything with them? I would love to know how she practices clean hygiene while she in the bathroom with mad manicure like this and how she gets anything else done as well.


#10. The ‘Jaw Of Awe’ Man With The World’s Widest Mouth

20-year-old Francisco, known as Chiquinho, who had become an Internet sensation with his jaw-dropping tricks, has earned the title of “world’s widest mouth”. He participated in the Italian competition Big Mouth, to prove his reputation as the man with the largest mouth. Thanks to his rubbery 6.69 in (16.99 cm) wide mouth, Francisco easily won the contest by a coke can in his mouth.

Once, he performed on Italian TV, popping a can in and out of his mouth 14 times in a minute. He states that though many times he beat others talent from around the world, and have never been to a dentist, his teeth are perfectly healthy.

#11. Lickasso – Tongue Earned Man A Spot In The Record Books

A whopping tongue 3.97 inches (10.1 cm) from tip to closed lip belongs to Nick Stoeberl, 26, (USA). He beat the former world record holder Stephen Taylor from the UK.

Stoeberl feels his giant tongue is a gift and he has to use it. So this man has started using his licker as a paintbrush, creating artworks on canvas. He uttered with his work after painting talk show host Steve Harvey: A giant beaver. Besides his tongue is also useful for everyday activities such as licking lollipops, tasting ice cream or eating pudding from the bottom of a cup but it takes much longer to clean his tongue in the morning.

#12. The Woman With Huge Legs



Mandy Sellars was born with legs and feet five times their typical size because of Proteus syndrome – a condition which results in huge lumps to develop on the skin tissue and deformation and thickening of bones.
She has battled since childhood while her legs continued to grow. But defying the dire prognosis of doctors she flourished and reached all her milestones growing up with her legs weighing 17 stone, even after one was amputated in 2010 because of serious infections.

#13. The Man Who Can’T Get Fat

A Britain para-athlete, Tom Staniford diagnosed MDP syndrome – a condition caused by a single genetic mutation which means his body is unable to store any fat. He was born at a normal weight but lost all the fat around his face and limbs throughout his childhood and teenage years.
The diagnosis is responsible for a variety of seemingly unrelated problems like suffers from sore feet, a risk of breaking bones in a fall or high-fat levels in his blood led to him acquiring diabetes and hearing problems.
He is now equipping to be a top para-cyclist.

#14. Eye Poppers Bulge Right Out Of Eye Sockets


Source: Pinterest

When we’re scared or surprised, our eyes widen. But Kim Goodman, who lives in Chicago, Illinois, is able to pop her eyes out of her sockets by 0.47 inches (12 millimeters). Believe it or not, the bug-eyed Kim is a holder of world record for the farthest eyeball. Kim looks normal when she’s not bugging her eyes, she could pop them out on cue and when she yawns as well.

Normally, the stretch could cause permanent damage to the optic nerve, so don’t try this at home. Some people like Kim can do it spontaneously because of the shape of their face or shallow eye sockets — they push the eyes beyond the eyelids by straining and increasing the pressure in the sockets.

#15. Aspires Of Every Young Boy- Magnetic Powers



Etibar Elchyev, a 41-year-old former kickboxing coach from Georgia discovered his talent about a year ago then has quickly has set a new world record by having the most spoons (53 spoons) attached to back and chest one at a time. Not everyone is convinced though, Elchyev claims he can stick the spoons to his body because he has natural magnetic properties. You must utter what a man.

After the still impressive feat, this man promised there was more to come. Moving airplanes and empty train carriages might be his big plans for the future.

#16. A Person Who Doesn’T Need To Use Fake Eyelashes



A Ukrainian, Valery Smagliy, 58, from Kiev man is vying for a place in the Guinness Book of Records with longest eyelashes in the world. The lashes currently stand at around 1.2 in (3cm) long, but Smagliy has decided to trim them as they are just heavy now and make his eyelids get sore. Mr. Smagliy plans to visit the local office of the Guinness Book of Records to have them measured Before trimming.

This man says that he achieved the abnormal length after changing his diet to include a secret food. He refused to give away his secret because he is planning to sell it and believes that the secret behind their amazing growth could make him a rich man.


#17. Woman Born with Feet Backwards



Wang Fang from Chongqing in China, who was born with abnormal hands and backward feet, has surprised everyone by moving ahead in life. Yes, her feet are inverted and face backward! According to the doctors, she would never be able to walk properly cause a rare disorder. She proved them wrong by growing up in normal life and working full-time in a restaurant as a waitress in present.
Wang has every right to be down but she doesn’t even consider herself disabled and refuses to take Chinese government disability pension. This woman is the spirit of many disabled people, not in China but worldwide.

#18. World’s Hairiest Man

Yu Zhenhuan, 32, has hair on 96 percent of his body because of a hormone imbalance, a condition doctors call atavism. Yu is covered with an average of 0.16 sq in (41 hairs per sq cm) of his skin, save for the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. Born in Shenyang in the frozen northeastern province of Liaoning, he spent a tough childhood due to his unique physical appearance.

However, he learned how to endure it when growing up. Recently, Yu attempts to win the lead role of The Monkey King in a television. He has failed because he is not good looking enough; therefore, he is going to have surgery to get rid of the hair and facial plastic surgery to make himself look more like a pretty monkey, and make the director regret his decision.

#19. Guinness People In The World Meet For A Day

World’s tallest man meets world’s shortest man. Sultan Kosen, 31, measures 8 ft 1 in tall (246.5 cm), who can reach a basketball hoop without jumping. The shortest man in the world, Dangi, 74, is just 2 ft 5.37 (74.61 cm) in tall is the height of six stacked cans of baked beans. This man is the shortest adult human ever verified by Guinness World Records.
The Guinness folks flew the two men, Sultan Kosen of Turkey and Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal have met in London at an event of 10th annual Guinness World Records Day, which celebrates record-setting achievements around the world, then go to London for some unique photos.

#20. A Man born with his head upside down

Mr. Oliveria from Monte Santo in Brazil was born with his head upside down and facing the wrong way and he cannot move his limbs. Though his unusual shape would depress most of us, he still manages to look on the bright side. This man came up with ways of overcoming his difficulties by teaching himself everyday skills and learning how to use a pen in his mouth to type words and even his lips to use a mouse or a phone.
Now, reaching the age of 40 he has publishes a book about his life called ‘El mundo esta a contramano’ (The world is the wrong way around)

#21. Cancer Survivor Embraces New Career As Zombie Actor

The former successful motorcycle mechanic, Billy Owen, lost half his face after a battle with a rare deadly form of cancer in 2009. By the time doctors spotted the disease, affecting the nasal cavity that had only a ten percent chance of surviving. He underwent surgery to remove most of the right side of his face. Now there’s a giant hole where Owen’s right eye used to be and he can put his finger in his mouth and poke it out of his eye socket.
Billy decided to embrace the cavity instead of hiding it by making a living playing a zombie in music videos called “freak shows” in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


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