We Can’t Stop Laughing At Guy Who Photoshops Himself Into Celebrities’ Photos

This guy has dated Taylor Swift, walked with Kim and Kanye on the red carpet, and spend time with the Obama family. So, the question is who the hell is he that his hilarious photos with all the world’s biggest celebrities, musicians, even politicians are flooded Instagram? Meet Robert Van Impe, known as Average Rob from Belgium who has created a wave of funny photoshop pictures on the Internet by adding himself into photos of celebrities. Since 2015, thanks to his funny photoshop images, his Instagram account has amassed over 380,000 following fans and over 34,000 on Facebook.

While others are dreaming about hanging out with their celebrities, Rob has another surprise approach to achieve that. And the result is impressive. You might fancy following his formula then two main elements compose his success, let me tell you. It looks realistic. And it’s incredibly entertaining! Start the gallery to enjoy his best photoshops so far.

#1. Third Child Of Ryan And Blake

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-19-funny photoshop pictures

Love the idea of becoming a part of Blake and Ryan’s family. Average Rob, you are one lucky guy when being in the arms of the most favorite celeb. I wonder if he can just crop me in that funny photoshop pictures. I wouldn’t mind it if Ryan Reynolds held me for a while!

#2. Look At My Beer Belly

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-funny photoshop pictures

There is no big deal for him to walk on a red carpet with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And from that moment, Kanye realizes that the one who wears fashionable sunglasses and the impressive dress and the one who has sexy curves on his left somehow more attractive than his wife Kim. That explains the expression on Kanye’s face, though many have said that it was constipation makes Kanye’s emotion.

#3. Oops! Taylor Tidy Up Your Damn Lego! hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-28-funny photoshop pictures

There are a few rumors and clues show that Taylor Swift love writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past. And let’s see how Rob appears in our beautiful country pop star’s song lyrics.

#4. Not Every Rescue Is As Fascinating As What You See In The Movies

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-35-funny photoshop pictures

Though R.I.P.balls, it is very memorable when having a wedgie from Spider-man who seems to be your friendly neighborhood. As you know spiderman surely come and rescue you out of any circumstances if you are really close to him. And remember at the end of Spiderman movie there must be somebody dies. That was close! Hope his underpants is strong enough.

#5. Now You Know Who Was The One Separate The Couple Apart

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-41-funny photoshop pictures

Well, it turns out that we’ve finally uncovered the real and the hidden reason behind Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split. Again, the photoshop job is great here. And Rob, can you wear helmets for both, I mean three of you because sunglasses, especial the infant’s sunglasses one won’t be able to save your life in case three of you end up skidding on asphalt.

#6. Their Story Cracks Me Up!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-42-funny photoshop pictures

Cracking up with Obama! You’re a lucky guy, Rob. We all enjoy having hilarious photos of our beloved ones. Just imagine if those loved ones were the greatest leaders of most powerful countries. Though it’s just funny photoshop pictures, such a jealous! This guy’s photoshop skills are incredible.

#7. Find Him!

 hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-36-2-funny photoshop pictures

Appeared on the Vogue Magzine with the girl squad, what a life! And he’s making the balance for the whole picture. Actually, it took me a few seconds to locate an average guy Rob. His facial expression more stunning than girls modeling. Blending with all those models can be difficult but look at how great he’s looking with all of the girls by his pout and twerk.

#8. He Actually Looks Like He Fits There

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-44-funny photoshop pictures

Well, for those who have seen all the pregnancy pictures of Beyonce, it’s hard to say that no one ever in life would have thought about this. And Rob makes it possible. Eagerly expecting the arrival of Beyonce’s twins. His facial expression like he is hearing baby sounds of crying or screaming or something like that.


#9. He Knows How To Prankhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-2-funny photoshop pictures

Don’t miss out that expressions you are getting from the back. Girls, there is this hot guy just behind you.


#10. Please Don’t Drop Me

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-9-funny photoshop pictures

This guy can do anything and everything and it turns out to be so funny photoshop pictures.

#11. How I experienced this year’s Superbowl

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-11-funny photoshop pictures

That doesn’t look like a good idea!

#12. Too Drunkhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-5-funny photoshop pictures

Mila Kunis just being savage. When I passed out on a couch, she took advantage, bad girl!

#13. Definitely, something happened last nighthilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-67-funny photoshop pictures

When you hate your manager but need the money.

#14. A Memorable Picturehilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-47-funny photoshop pictures

I think Burno Mars and Rob might actually get along pretty well.

#15. When You See Another Squad Sitting At Your Table

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-15-funny photoshop pictures

When he wanted to be a part of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, too. Amazing Photoshop skills, we must say. Apt expressions, apt clothing.


#16. Really girls? C’monhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-40-funny photoshop pictures

You may have nothing to wear, but I’m trying to brush my teeth here. You know?

#17. Being A Big Brotherhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-50-funny photoshop pictures

Look at the girl behind; she knows what’s is happening!

#18. May The Force Be With You!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-33-funny photoshop pictures

Don’t play with lightsabers they said. It’s dangerous they said. But he just can’t stand. That’s why women live longer than men.

#19. Many happy returns!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-20-funny photoshop pictures

There’s always one person who’s more excited about your birthday than you are.

#20. I’m absolutely terrified of horses

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-21-funny photoshop pictures

When I told Jennifer about my horsephobia, she took me for a ride to get over my fear. Worst idea ever Jenni. You’re a terrible friend!

#21. Kevin, You Looks Like In The Future

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-22-funny photoshop pictures

Kevin, I’m from future to give you a favor, this is how you will look like in 2019. Check it yourself. Yeah, I can’t believe it either!

#22. Ouch!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-32-funny photoshop pictures

Standing behind Barack Obama while he’s fishing was not a good idea.

#23. Happy Valentines Day Y’all!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-24-funny photoshop pictures

No longer being lonely at Valentine. He had Adele. Good choice, bro!

#24. Everything was going so well!hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-31-funny photoshop pictures

He couldn’t keep himself from climbing on.

#25. Yeah, I’m Hang out with Beyoncehilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-7-funny photoshop pictures

Focus man, the show is tomorrow, Beyonce said

#26. You Needed A Hand David hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-29-funny photoshop pictures

Here you go, man, you earned it. Actually loved this one. How this guy helped David in this picture, surely he needed a hand with his body.

#27. It’s Because of Mexican Foodhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-39-funny photoshop pictures

Maybe try closing the door, Robert! Selena surely doesn’t want to smell the aftermath of your trip to Taco Bell!

#28. The Truthhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-4-funny photoshop pictures

That’s what I felt when watching the presidential race

#29. High Fivehilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-46-funny photoshop pictures

He is astonished to see Bieber only in bottom wear.

#30. The Titanic Never Sunk

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-18-funny photoshop pictures

#31. Annoyed David Beckham Taking Care Of A Passed Out Rob

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-17-funny photoshop pictures

#33. You Have My Back, Bieber!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-25-funny photoshop pictures

#34. I’m a Part of a Happy Family

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-27-funny photoshop pictures

#35. Best First Date Ever!!!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-16-funny photoshop pictures

#36. Yo Mark, Look At That Double Pager!

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-23-funny photoshop pictures

#37. Taylor’s love stories

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-14-funny photoshop pictures


#38. Stop it, Ryan, I’m trying to take a nap

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-13-funny photoshop pictures

#39. Sorry, I only date winnershilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-52-funny photoshop pictures

#40.  Please come back! We miss youhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-30-funny photoshop pictures

#41. Selena isn’t Really Into Sleepy Guys

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-12-funny photoshop pictures

#42. We are good neighbors, that’s whyhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-6-funny photoshop pictures

#43. He seems not to like gooey kisseshilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-51-funny photoshop pictures

#44. Such A Sad Storyhilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-3-funny photoshop pictures

#45. When You Confusing The Simpsons

hilarious-photos-of-guy-photoshops-himself-into-celebrities-photos-8-funny photoshop pictures

There are a lot of people who are able to edit and change photos in a matter of seconds. However, rarely someone alters photos and add something to make the whole internet laughing their pants off like Rob. Hẹ talented, and he knows how to use it!

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