Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2016

Emerging Technologies 2016 – As we grow, change, and evolve as a people, so does the technology that we make use of. These days, people consider it impractical, unreasonable, and not to mention, archaic if someone doesn’t have a smartphone, laptop computer, or a tablet in tow wherever they go, and that says a lot about the growing role that technology plays in our lives. Although many of us think we’ve already come a long way (and while that might be true in some cases), we’ve still got a long way to go regarding technological advances.

technology-trends-that-will-rule-the-future-emerging technologies 2016

Emerging Technologies 2016

According to analysts and specialists, there’s a whole world of tech that we’re yet to behold, and all of these seemingly impossible sci-fi fiction fantasies are about to become very real. Want to find out just how tech is expected to change in the next few years? Read on to see Emerging Technologies 2016.

Top 10 Technology Trends 2016 That will Rule the Future

1.    Robots

robot-technology-emerging technologies 2016

Smartphone robot is given emotion

Even today, there are times when we interact with robots without knowing it. That automated phone service you always hear at the other end of a phone call to a corporation or business, that automatic washer and dryer, and even your smartphone to some extent make use of robot technology in a rather infantile state. But that’s not to say this idea isn’t rapidly developing. There are lots of emerging technologies in the realm of robots at work in our world today, and soon, these will be given more emotion, more human-like abilities, and greater freewill to imitate an actual human thought process for a more social artificial interaction experience.

2.    Wearable Tech

Gone are the days when watches needed to be shaken to make them work. Technology in the future is geared towards wearable tech – accessories, apparel, and even clothing that feature some smart function usually attributed to computer or phones. There are more than a handful of companies that have already started to leverage this tech advancement, and slowly but surely, developers are inching towards creating more wearable tech options like glasses and surgical assistance devices for sterility in the operating room.

3.    Digital Cash

digital-cash-emerging technologies 2016

Digital cash is becoming popular all over the world

If you thought your credit card was paperless enough, developers are creating new ways for people to spend without the need to have bills and coins in tote. Digital cash is an upcoming technology that’s becoming more and more popular with hundreds of different restaurants and cafés taking the lead, offering consumers cards with pre-loaded cash values to use and spend whenever applicable. What’s more, transactions are becoming just as digital with retailers using smartphones and tablets to take payments, functioning as a full-on cash register minus the bulky body.

4.    Virtual Reality (VR)

VR has to be the latest technology trend that everyone is excited to use. With gaming consoles leading the virtual reality realm, other big names in the business are quick to follow suit. Samsung, for example, is the first smartphone manufacturer virtual reality available to their consumers. The significant part? Users can just attach their smartphone to the device to enjoy a high-quality virtual reality experience that’s guaranteed to bring anyone to the edge of their seats.

5.    Crowdfunding

crowd-funding-emerging technologies 2016

Crowdfunding support for your idea

Forget the struggle of finding a worthy and willing investor – crowdfunding is the future for businesses. Today, crowdfunding has become the funding source of choice for small and medium sized enterprises looking for financial support for their first few years of operation. This upcoming technology operates works by having individuals or groups put up their idea for a good business and wait for donations from volunteers who are interested in seeing that idea become a reality. If you reach your goal, you get the fund. If not, the fund is dissolved and returned to the donors.

6.    Sports Gaming

sport-gaming-emerging technologies 2016

The future of sports is moving towards video games

Technology in the future is now geared towards changing sports entertainment for good. Forget teams fighting for a ball – the future of sports is moving towards video games. Yes, soon we’ll be watching men and women muscle it out with controllers in their hands and fictional 3D characters representing them in a game. And it’s more than just a mall plaza event – analysts are talking Superbowl proportions big enough to bump out the Olympics.

7.    Holograms

holograms-4-entertainment-emerging technologies 2016

Holograms give realistic view

Technology trends in 2016 are geared more towards entertainment, and that’s precisely how this made the list. 4D entertainment has become more popular in recent years as a theme park attraction, but analysts say that soon, even home entertainment systems will be fully equipped not just with 4D, but also holographic projectors. What’s more, this advancement is seen to improve the educational system by allowing students a more realistic view of their subjects and studies.

8.    Faster Smartphones

8-faster-martphones-emerging technologies 2016

5G internet speeds on phones

If you thought your phone was fast now, wait for technology in the future. Developers are working to improve the smartphone experience for consumers the world over, not only regarding the phone’s speed but also the speed of network providers. Soon, we’ll be enjoying 5G internet speeds on our handheld devices and experiencing lightning responsiveness on phones with infinite storage space.

9.    Unlimited Storage

Soon, that 1TB external hard disk will become an archaic piece of has-been-tech that won’t even be manufactured anymore. Analysts are saying that as we move forward through the years, digital storage space is becoming more and more of a commodity. Technology in the future will take advantage of digital storage options and will use it for more than just media, but also as an extra home security measure that contains specific information to make keys and locks obsolete permanently.

10.    Connected Everything

connected-everything-emerging technologies 2016

Literal connection everything in lives

Connectivity has become an important facet of society today, so much so, that it seems inconvenient and impractical to not have your devices synced with one another. But that’s not all the future holds. Emerging technologies suggest that people connect everything in their lives – from their homes, their cars, their smartphones, and even their appliances allowing central management and maintenance of all machines, tools, and equipment that they use on a daily basis. The result? A super fast and easy-to-operate living condition that allows individuals to speed through their daily routine minus the lag time.

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