The Not So Secret Signs That She Wants You

Women may appear to be mysterious creatures, but this is not necessarily so. Look out for these signs that let you know that she wants you.

the-signs-that-she-wants-you-she wants you

Hmm… Does she want you?

What do women want?

First impressions do count, and these first impressions are mostly 55% non-verbal signals, 38% verbal signals, and only 7% words spoken. The best way to gauge if a woman wants you is to focus on the non-verbal signs.

To spot non-verbal communication cues look at her

non-verbal-signs-impression-150x150-she wants you

non-verbal show you what women want

  • Physical appearance
  • Physical environment
  • Body language
  • Her voice
  • Her touch
  • Closeness to you

We will focus on the main signs that she wants you.

#1 The old favorite – touching or playing with her hair

touching-her-hair-show-girl-likes-you-she wants you

Playing with her hair might a sign she is after you.

Hair tossing is a form of kinetic gesture and is a form of flirting which women have been using for years. Look out for her seductively or casually playing with her hair as this is often a sign that she is after you.

#2 The seductive – lip licking

the-seductive-lip-licking-she wants you

The seductive – lip licking

Women (and men) to signal attraction often unconsciously make this kinetic gesture. The act of lip licking draws your attention to the lips and indicates the desire to kiss. Do not rely on this signal alone however as lip licking can indicate something else or may just be a habit.

#3 The playful – teasing you

the-playful-teasing-you-she wants you

Teasing is used for your interest in

Teasing is a method used by men and women of all ages. Women will typically use teasing as a way of assessing your interest in you, so do not be too sensitive and play along.

#4 The closeness – she stays close to you

she-stays-close-to-you-she wants you

The more we like the closer she stays to you

The more we like someone the closer we want to be to him or her, often known as the proximity principle. If she is staying close to you, she is trying to entice you to like her back. Let her make this move first, if you invade her personal space before she is ready, then this is likely to backfire badly on you.

#5 The personal – she opens up you

she-opens-up-you-if-she-like-you-she wants you

She opens up you

We often only open up to those we like and trust, the less we know about someone, the less we like them. You can test the waters by offering her something personal about yourself and see if she reciprocates.

#6 The responsive – she responds well to your flirting

she-responds-well-to-your-flirting-she wants you

She responds well to your flirting

The content or quality of your chat up lines does not matter, what does matter is how she responds to them. If you give her your cheesiest line, and she responds well, then she is worth keeping.

#7 The openness – she uses open posture

using-open-posture-she wants you

Always leaning towards you

Body language can be a powerful tool in letting other know how we are feeling. If we want to avoid someone, we will often use closed gestures such as turning away or crossing our arms. If she is interested in you, then she will use open gestures such as facing and leaning towards you.


common-signs-she-wants-you-she wants you

Common signs she is after you

There are other signs that she wants you, these include –

  • Mirroring your gestures
  • tilting her head to one side
  • smiling at you
  • eye contact

All of these signs are common signals that women unconsciously and sometimes consciously make to indicate they want you.

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