How To Win An Argument – Works Every Time!

How to win an argument” should be on top of our how-to-list, especially at a time when individual’s point of view is giving weight and technology—social media arise everyone’s consciousness. Any of you has been bounded to disagree with a co-worker at your workplace or run into a dustup at home just because of the drop of a dish. Even with the one you love the most or the one who you gets along the best with, it seems like the argument is unavoidable. And you better prepare yourself when faced with a combative situation to not only diffuse tense situations but also help you get what you want.

#1. Watch Your Body Language

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Many people suppose that it’s not words but your body language is the thing to focus on the conversation. An argument could start at your body language whether it’s intentional or not. Control your body movement brilliantly to win over your opponents. According to the University of British Columbia’s research, prolonged eye contact is an efficient way to have someone sharing a viewpoint. And this may actually make people who already disagree more resistant to persuasion. So body language is the key to answer the question: how to win an argument?. Body language experts also point out that your opponent would feel less threatening when you stand in the same fashion as him.


#2. Choose Your Words Carefully

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During arguments, your emotions can easily run high, and after that, most of the time you would regret what you said. Or, it may not worse like that, but your disagreement is just going nowhere. Choose your words carefully so that both of you could find common ground. After two years analyzing on posts of SubReddit ChangeMyView, Ph.D. students at Cornell University found that using harsh words, swearing or even just stubborn language not only makes people quickly switch off but also weakens your position in other people’s eyes. To win an argument, you need to convince your opponents, and in order to have persuasions, well-chosen words should be considered, raise your words, not your voice.


#3. Ask Questions

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Questions would help you get a better understanding of an issue. Just by having all the facts or seeing things clearly you can stay in control of the discussion. The thing is how to ask the right questions, from that you can get your opponent’s point of view. Questions that challenge his or her position are necessary for example: “What evidence do you have for that claim?”. Or you can ask hypothetical questions like “What if I did this instead of that?” Or the more personal question “Why does this make you so angry?” though this kind of question may make your foes a bit provoked. In case you want to diffuse the atmosphere, you should ask the question that makes the one in opposition feel like they’re being heard: “What would you’ve liked me to do?”


#4. Stop Trying To Win

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Once you’re at a dustup, if you want to persuade your opponent to see the issue your way, so does she or he. And in some case, you’ll both try to win by any means needed. At this point, no one will take the other person’s advice. If you “too certain” or resolute in your position in the way like “I’m right, you’re wrong, just accept it, let’s move on.” Even she or he admitted it you still didn’t win. Making the conversation earned the right to solve the problem. You win because you’ve learned something – a life advantage and the most important, you can keep a friend, keep your relationships.

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