Great First Date Ideas to Wow your Date – Works Every Time

Your life may changes forever just through a chance meeting. The first date is a stepping stone for next all things love. What matters is how special the first date to greatly increase your odds of having a meeting that leads to a second one, and more. Here are some first date ideas with potentially special someone new.
Though it seems like all details from beginning to the last moment of the first date all planned, this special day may be the memorable and surprise for many of us. You better don’t make a hasty move. Comfort matters a lot for the date to be successful. And don’t forget to keep a few exciting backup plans.

Don’t approach this as you are “asking someone out”

Don’t ask “Would you like to go out with me?” the other person feel like she or he has to ask themselves that WOULD she like to go out with you or not. And that conversation is the death knell on a date.
When the time comes – be it over text, online, or on the phone and better do something like “Hey, I know this great place to get coffee that’s pretty close to both of us. Meet me there Sunday if you are free”

The perfect first date ideas

To make a great impression and woo your date a little secret you need to keep in mind – don’t just plan one activity. Keep the date exciting comfortable and romantic.


#1. Outdoor Adventures

  • Amusement park: a step closer to by picking a few crazy rides together.
  • One hour classes: go somewhere then together finish some classes like pottery, glass painting, etc.
  • A visit to a factory: It’s not convenient if you could take your date factories around town, be it an ice cream factory, a cookie factory or a chocolate.
  • Spooky date: a haunted house will make either be a laugh or a hair-raising experience. And yes, it brings both of you closer.
  • Clubbing: Let grind your way to a great night!

#2. Indoor Sweetness

  • Coffee: This must be the first thing many people think of when mentioning “first date ideas”. A coffee date is a comfort date at its best.
  • Restaurant with a view: No girl say no with this choice.
  • Karaoke: If you believe in your best bathroom voice so karaoke bar is the place you can’t ignore
  • Movie: Enjoy moment when both of your elbows touch each other!
  • Museum: Spend a couple of hours for something interesting
  • Opera or a musical show: For those who love a grand and colorful gesture
  • Gallery: For someone who appreciates art
  • Cook together: a wonderful experience that many want to have.
  • Bookstore:  Thousands of quaint books can totally hold a book lover’s smile

#3. Romantic Ideas

  • By the water: A few hours in each other’s company by a calm lake or a pond. Such a romantic time!
  • Old fashioned pub: Old Irish pubs and a happy live band would be a happy time for both for sure!
  • Flower show: It’s always romantic head to a flower show always works. One of the best first date ideas, I think.
  • Nature walks: Spend a few moments of romantic time by hiking on a short hiking trail before sit down for a talk.
  • Beach: A day at the beach make both of you feel really comfortable. You could take chance to hold hands.
  • Live jazz: Imagine both of you are having a drink and sitting next to each other in a dimly lit room with jazz music! Like a romantic movie scene.

#4. Energy date

  • Horseback riding: both will never forget about this date
  • Ice skating:  Before you head off to do something else, Ice skating is a good way to spend energy together!
  • Bowling: For a lot of fun date.
  • Boat ride: Pick what you intend to do.
  • Fishing: Depending on what you want, romance or excitement.
  • Game of pool: just into the pool together is enough. it’ll much more wonderful if you can teach your company how to swim!

#5. Unforgettable experience

  • Rifle range: Few people think of this, but who knows, your date might love it.
  • Rent a chopper: This is a grand gesture to impress your date. On a chopper and soar through the night sky is your date will love talking about anytime.
  • Fortune teller: It’s a fun way and your date won’t forget in a hurry. This must be one of the best creative in first date ideas list.
  • Special events: Special events and celebrations are always a unique experience.
  • Planetarium: Nothing beats the peaceful setting of a reclined seat in a planetarium.
  • Street fair or carnivals: who can forget a perfect date like this.

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