Most Perfect Responses To Wrong Number Texts Ever

In cell phone age, wrong number texts is an awkward situation for all involved. It could be when taking a slip of the sender’s hand while typing a friend’s number and then you choose Brandy instead of Brad. Or commonly, you typing one wrong digit lead to the unknown number. Sometimes, an embarrassing text makes the situation even worse. While most of the time people will respond kindly or just ignore, some people want to make the experience or at least a little bit entertaining.
There are thousands of screenshots of people that reacted in unexpected ways. Their responses have gotten even more creative than you ever thought possible and took it to a new level of hilarity. Regardless of how they got the texts, these wrongful recipients came up with brilliant replies.
The best wrong number text responses ever will bring you to tears by laughing out loud. next time you receive a text from some unsuspecting stranger who was given the wrong digits, use these examples as inspiration.

#1. Perfect Response And Nicely Handled. Sir!

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-1-wrong number texts

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That’s so true, don’t text someone about the passing of a family member or a friend.   Sometimes, several people, they just put it straight on Facebook before telling people via phone when the moment someone dies. The first message had zero compassion, and deserved what it got, I suppose.

#2. Cat In My Days Looked Differently

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-2-wrong number texts

Source: Reddit

He or she seriously thought that was a cat? My dude, that’s a new species called Chihuahua cat that just has discovered by you.

This one nearly choked me laughing! As if I just died of funny attack. So, what do dogs look like on your planet? May be in 228 code area, people don’t have cats (or dogs??)

#3. Do I Look Like A Jessica?

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-3-wrong number texts

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No, you look like Hector Salamanca from Breaking bad. And if it has one s it’s a dude’s name. And you even better than Jessica though wrong number texts.

#4. Yep, My Bad

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-4-wrong number texts

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This jacked dude wasn’t hoping to receive a man nipple in response. Yet, sometimes in life, you get what you need instead of what you were hoping. This jacked dude should be sure he’s showing off his body to the right person next time.


#5. This Cat Is Standard

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-5-wrong number texts

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It Looks Quite Nice, Despite Being Standard. Both Do Actually, and I do not sell it short! My cat does not recognize your number, bug off, and he doesn’t talk to strangers.

#6. Hot Grills

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-6-wrong number texts

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If you receive question “Who’s this?” from a complete stranger. Especially about your gender, you should better give him a troll. This person took full advantage of the texter’s stupidity of wrong text recipient and said she was a grill named George Foreman- the brand of grill designed by the former boxer of the same name. Brillient replies to the wrong number texts.

#7. Bitchy….But Funny

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-7-wrong number texts

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Who see every interaction as a teaching opportunity. And girl, learn to spell, will you? The texter was too dumb to understand her joke attempt though. It can be hard to successfully troll an idiot who can’t get a clue, but this girl deserves some credit for trying.

#8. Lonely Dude

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-8-wrong number texts

Source: Pinterest

There’s trolling someone for texting the wrong number, this is another guy who was just begging to be trolled. A little troll turned into the most epic “wrong number” story ever. Who knows this lonely dude would get a slot in an interesting party and make friend with several people there.

#9. What Is The Best Feeling In The World?

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-9-wrong number texts

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This is just a really weird text to receive from a stranger, but this wrong number troll took complete advantage of that and responded in the most creative manner imaginable.


#10. Homie Don’t Play That Sh*T

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-10-wrong number texts

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When this texter tried uncovering the reason some guy broke up with her friend Dani, she learned to mind her own business in the future thanks to wrong number experience. The texter was nearly speechless from that answer and probably be stuck with the image of Dani licking her ex’s butthole for a while, may be.

#11. A Bunch Of Girls

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-11-wrong number texts


And what they got was a bunch of guys! Well Done, the Troops. Why just let someone know they texted the wrong number when you can accuse them of trying to take a strange relationship to a new, disturbing level?

#12. It Just Hurts Too Much

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-12-wrong number texts

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It takes a special kind of person to troll a big guy. You meet someone and immediately think you’ve hit it off with them then you exchange numbers, and when you send that first text to ask them out … you realize that they gave you someone else’s digits. It’s happened to many of us, my men. Wrong number texts again.

#13. The Wrong Number Texts For Sure

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-13-wrong number texts


They say all the best jokes have a hint of truth behind them! And mom knows and do exactly what it means. Great mom!

#14. At Least His Aunt Seems To Understand

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-14-wrong number texts

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Jason’s day was completely ruined by this intellectual, sober troll. The recipient claims she would have been felt weird. Yes, this is really wrong number texts at the wrong time and it surprisingly weird. This wrong text number is bad enough as is.

#15. Oops, Got The Wrong Number…

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-15-wrong number texts

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The texter was appreciative of her troll’s sense of humor. The recipient definitely gets bonus points for creativity and the perfect use of characters. This recipient certainly one of the people got perfect way to responded to wrong number texts.

#16. Every day is free, forever

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-16-wrong number texts


When this troll got a text from a stranger asking if she or he free. At that point, the troll realized she or he could convey her message properly was to devolve down to the texter’s level. So she or he used the another meaning of that vocabulary. ” Land of the free and don’t you forget it, So yes I am free! Everyone is!” We can only hope that was enough.


#17. Sorry, Poor Melanie

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-17-wrong number texts

Source: Pinterest

This is totally a bingo trolling for someone who getting wrong number texts. It could be somehow ruining their lives. Melanie appreciation was misplaced. It’s just 45 minutes before Melanie’s shift start, the troll let her know that she never actually got the shift covered. Pray for Melanie.

#18. Will They Ever Be Able To Look At Each Other Again

The texter better double-checked to make sure she didn’t do wrong number texts with some sensitive content. This poor girl just wanted to text something sweet but clearly, Frank wasn’t into that and gave her the wrong number. Both at least tried to play along in the fastest way possible to let situation down easy.

#19. Announcing Pregnancy To The Wrong Person

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-19-wrong number texts

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Announcing to your partner your pregnancy could be really exciting, but the same thing didn’t happen with this girl, she gets herself stuff due to wrong number texts. It could result in a total nightmare for her.

#20. How Many Cats You Got Bro

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-20-wrong number texts

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This is a perfect response to wrong number texts. The guy took it pretty well and somehow makes this conversation be a roller-coaster of emotion. How hilarious he is, first pic happy cat owner, second pic… murder face. Wait…is anyone going to mention that he looks like Jameis Winston and he capitalizes Every First Letter?

#21. The World Needs More Hannahs

Funniest-Responses-To-Wrong-Number-Texts-21-wrong number texts

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From now on calling on Hannah for answers with life issues. Hope she got a thank you note from Matt. Sometimes, instead of hardcore trolling someone for texting your number on accident, you’ve just got to be a bro and send some informative text.

These above replies to the wrong number texts are just a few of thousand stories that shared every day on the Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. What’s your response to wrong number texts? Share with us your. And there is Perfect Timing: Wrong Photos Snap At Right Moment that also makes your day.

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