All athletes court some sort of physical injury.  Most simply put themselves at higher risk for knee problems in later life.  Others, however, like to run up to Death’s door, ring his doorbell, and see if they can get away fast enough that he doesn’t catch them at it.  This article—on the top coolest extreme sports for men—is meant for the latter athlete.

#1 Ride on Water in This Crazy-Cool Extreme Sport

Remember that episode of Mythbusters where Jamie and Adam tried to ride a motorcycle across a body of water?  Well, Robbie Maddison has made it happen, by Motocross on a bike fitted with special skis.

This sport takes the best of motocross and the jet ski and blends them into one wet, wild rush.  You literally race over the waves, steering only with your body and your wits.  Just don’t lose your balance, or you will get very wet—or worse.

#2 Make Tightrope Walking Look Like a Pedestrian Pursuit

  • Slacklining is a new take on tightrope walking, performed on ever-so-slightly nylon webbing
  • Slacklining can be performed near the ground for meditation or over a canyon for maximum danger
  • Slacklining is no casual recreation—it requires a particularly strong core and superlative bodily control in order not to fall
  • Some people even do Yoga poses while slacklining!

#3 Sled at High Speeds for One of the (Ironically) Coolest Extreme Sports for Men

Volcano Boarding is absolutely as cool as you think it is.  Often performed at the active volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, boarders get up to eighty miles-per-hour going downhill on wooden sleds.  Wipeouts are painful, given that volcanic pebbles aren’t particularly kind to exposed skin.

One blogger found this out the hard way, ending up bleeding from multiple places on his bald head.  He got right back on the horse what threw him, and made it to the bottom in one piece.  There he ate burritos that had been cooked in a metal box buried in the volcano!

#4 Do the Equivalent of Jumping off an Eight Story Building (and Live)

Cliff-diving—while arguably one of the most awesome extreme sports for men—is also relatively simple.  You wear swimming clothes and jump from a great height into water.  A very, very great height, for an up to three seconds’ plunge.

Oh, and usually there are rocks in the water.  Clearly, the faint of heart need not apply. Click here to read more about TOP 10 THINGS RIDICULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO EVERY DAY.

#5 And Finally—You Can Fly With This High-Awesome-Factor Sport

  • Wingsuit flying is skydiving in a special suit that mimics a flying squirrel’s skin to slow down the descent and make something like flight possible
  • It takes years to master the use of the suit and fly properly
  • A pro can reduce his rate of descent to 25mph while still going 220mph horizontally. Talk about a rush!
  • This has to top the list of the top coolest extreme sports for men—who doesn’t want to be Batman?!


Maybe you’re perfectly satisfied just riding your bike down the street or dribbling that basketball.  But if you want to experience the thrill and sheer—well, manliness of the world of extreme sports, there are plenty of them out there calling your name right now.