Should We Hit The Shower Every Day?

No! Probably your response is “yeah, obviously”. We usually find that weird when people say they don’t shower every day. Noone wants to stink or greasy hair. However, from a health perspective, the answer is: No. According to science, showering on a daily isn’t the healthy habit that we thought it was. Why? Since our skin has the amazing ability to […]

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How Bad Work Environment Could, Literally, Destroy Our Health

When choosing a career, most people pay attention to financial conditions then, other factors like commuting time, chances of promotion, etc would be considered. But there are things should be o the list that we rarely do think of to actually enjoy and feel satisfied with our job. Our bosses and coworkers and general working conditions. And yes, that aspect […]

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30 Days To Six Pack Abs


30 Days To Six Pack Abs – Forget the flat tummy, we all want abs! Today, fitness has shifted from just slimming down and losing fat to getting ripped and earning muscle. And of course, the most coveted cut of all time just has to be the abs. Man or woman, who doesn’t want a sculpted midsection rippling through clothing? […]

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