A Guide To Picking A Right Smartphone

When the smartphone market has so many and various new options, picking a right smartphone can be daunting. Even for those who are really easy consumers, one answer may not fit all. While we’d all love for all-in-one phones, in order to frame your smartphone you need to rank some attributes and figure out what features are your top priorities. Here […]

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Coming Soon Solar Roofs For Your House From Comcast

Comcast Corp.’s and Sunrun Sunrun Inc.’s have an announcement on Thursday of the arrangement generates of a 40-month partnership, which will launch this year August 2017, to provide consumers with rooftop solar energy panels. According to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report this year, solar roofs are expected to make a leap in the energy industry, when becomes one of […]

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How Bad Work Environment Could, Literally, Destroy Our Health

When choosing a career, most people pay attention to financial conditions then, other factors like commuting time, chances of promotion, etc would be considered. But there are things should be o the list that we rarely do think of to actually enjoy and feel satisfied with our job. Our bosses and coworkers and general working conditions. And yes, that aspect […]

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Ways Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex As with anything in the Human Experience, starting a company can be viewed through the lens of sex. The sex-lens. Look through the sex-lens with me. Come on! It’s not creepy – what are you talking about!? Come look at how startups are like sex… Hey, Don’t Go Getting Any Ideas, Okay? A company, like any […]

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Top 10 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Ridiculously Successful People We know they exist because we hear about them all the time—people so successful that their names are synonymous with innovation, power, and huge piles of cold, hard cash.  What we don’t hear about all the time is how these ridiculously successful people do it on a daily basis.  Without further ado, here’s a top ten list […]

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8 Tips to Start Business


Many of us work our day jobs to earn a living, but in doing so, we fail to truly live. When we take on formal employment, we effectively become a tool to help another person achieve their dream, but what exactly does that do for us aside from providing us a salary to help us get by our day to […]

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10 Secrets of Great Communicators

While the vast majority of people might think that communicating is as easy as talking, that’s not the case. Talking is the process of moving the lips, teeth, and tongue to make sounds and form words, but what is communication and what are the secrets of great communicators? As opposed to only talking, communicating is the process of delivering thoughts […]

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