A Guide To Picking A Right Smartphone

When the smartphone market has so many and various new options, picking a right smartphone can be daunting. Even for those who are really easy consumers, one answer may not fit all. While we’d all love for all-in-one phones, in order to frame your smartphone you need to rank some attributes and figure out what features are your top priorities.

Here are four specific ways picking a right smartphone with the most popular smartphones in the market.

#1. Camera

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Nowadays, a top priority feature that many smartphone buyers consider is cameras. And phone makers seem to grasp their customer’s taste so that most of the phones on the market have pretty good cameras, and some brands even focus on phone’s camera to attract buyers, therefore it’s hard to land with a bad option. Here are some bright candidates for you picking a right smartphone for you.

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best point-and-shoot cameras ever with two rear cameras, one wide angle, one telephoto that delivers true 2x optical zoom or even further digitally. Particularly, it can create portrait photos in a unique camera mode with depth-of-field blur effects or “bokeh” effects. If you are a serious photographer you definitely love 7 Plus’ bigger storage options include 256 GB model.
    Price: $769.99 – $785.70
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the best-looking phone with a fantastic curved screen. Though Samsung opted for one camera lens on the back instead of two, photo quality is great and still it so on top of trends. One more thing in S8 is top-level controls in the native camera app’s manual mode are easy to access. And buyers who like shooting photos will love it!
    Price: $729.99 – $750.00
  • Besides, the Galaxy Note 8 which tops Samsung’s is not a bad choice. Note 8 ‘s the most feature-rich Android phone you can buy with dual cameras and a boatload of stylus tricks.
    Price: $930- $960
  • As a worthy iPhone alternative, the Google Pixel is the high-end Android phone to get. Its name can tell everything – Google and Pixel’s camera. The phone has a fantastic camera, especially in low light. The camera is fast, images are in focus, and colors look vibrant which allows shooting surreal 4K video. Sharp and refined for close-up shots and retain an impressive amount of detail and depth for landscape scenes.
    Price: $585.00 -$749.99

#2. The battery life

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Battery life is have become a top priority for many smartphone buyers when they’re on the go a lot and can’t stay plugged in throughout the day.
The mileage varies so much depending on how you use your phone so perhaps you shouldn’t depend on specific hour estimates on battery life are given. Instead, see if that phone gets you through a full day without requiring a top-up.


Today picking a right smartphone that has best battery life you needn’t find an expensive one. For example, Samsung’s most expensive phone The Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t have much better battery life than the S8+.
For Apple, the iPhone X boasts the most battery life when promising two hours of extra battery life over the iPhone 7. If battery life is your main focus, then, the similarly long-lasting iPhone 8 Plus may offer the most bang for your buck.

  • ZenFone 3’s robust battery is what’s turning heads. At 5,000mAh, the battery lasted 19 hours and 50 minutes in looping video drain tests, so after a full day of picture-taking, you needn’t worry about the battery
    Price: $329.00
  • BlackBerry’s KeyOne handset isn’t perfect but it’s considerably larger when it has stuffed a rather beefy 3,505mAh battery into the device. You most definitely can get a full day and a half of using, which includes watching a few videos, streaming music, browsing social media and news, and play a few games.
    Price: $550
  • The Galaxy S8 Plus is a big phone with a graceful 6.2-inch screen. Its 3,500mAh battery lasted a solid 18 hours of usage.
    Price: $699.88 – $840.00
  • If you looking for a best battery life iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus is a good choice with 2,900mAh battery. It should be able to last a day and then some.
    Price: $769.99 – $785.70

#3. Cutting-edge technology

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Facial recognition on the iPhone X or the stylus productivity features on the Note 8 seems please mostly cutting-edge hardware fans. However, the further into the unknown that you get, the more chance there is of things not working quite right yet.

The good news to note is Google’s phone – Pixel which is due to be announced next month is first to get Android updates with all the new features that come with it.

  • The sleek design and amazing screen put the Samsung in the lead. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is boasting the brilliant Infinity Edge display which made its competitors look dated.
    Price: $699.88 – $840.00
  • iPhone 7 Plus – probably the best-looking smartphone around that stick with the iPhone 6S design but glorious new colors available. And to top it off, the casing is now water resistant make the iPhone feel slightly dated now.
    Price: $769.99 – $785.70
  • With camera quality, software straight from Google and modern outfit, The Google Pixel is still an amazing smartphone.
    Price: $585.00 -$749.99

#4. Price

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Smartphone prices are now often over $1000 and it totally makes sense when focusing on price picking a right smartphone. For those who just want a phone that works well iPhone 8 or the Galaxy S8 should be on your top list.


For those who focus on low price, the list actually gets a little more crowded since considering last year’s phones which get price drops as the new tech comes out.

  • Apple iPhone SE is The lowest priced iPhone you can buy. One year older, but its added storage options and strong performance running iOS 10 still makes it a great choice.
    Price: $349.99 – $399.99
  • The Huawei Honor 6X has a dual rear camera and some of the advanced features you’d otherwise find only on a top-tier device.
    Price: $250.00

These four ways above may be helpful if you’re not sure where to start when picking a right smartphone. And don’t miss Top 10 gadgets you should have.

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