25 Photos Show How Native Australian Animals Took Things Way Too Far

Incredible natural beauty, amazing architecture, kangaroos, and many others things draw tourists to beautiful Australia. However, behind all rainforests and pristine white sand beaches, our famous destination can be a messed up place. Surrounded by nothing but water, Australia is considered as an isolation chamber of horror. Filled with the most deadly animals, from the weird and dangerous creatures under the sea to the animals are all freaky and venomous species around citizen’s properties. Native Australian animals can go much further than the boundaries that you’re pushing in your mind.

We have compiled 25 crazy photos of native Australian animals that may curb your enthusiasm of visiting this paradise. While many Native Australian Animals that you might just spot them in their natural habitat, some of them come inside in suburbia where they have been seen in the back door or the bedroom or shoes. Below are some especially terrifying pictures of native Australian animals.

#1. A Nightmare Train Of Several Hundred Caterpillars

Australian-animals-1-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

In fact, many caterpillars often link into a train in order to move through trees and over the ground. Though these native Australian animals seem small and harmless, their large, nasty, hairy pine really become a nightmare for people who spot them in nature.

#2. Massive Spider Was Found On A Farm in Queensland

Australian-animals-2-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

This colossal creature was snapped crawling across a broom has been taking the internet by storm. Despite the woman who found the spider said: “She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way” this Huntsman spiders with massive size, long-legged (measuring up to 1 foot) and lightning speed could harm to humans.

#3. This Homeless Sheep Hasn’t Been Sheared For Five Years

Australian-animals-3-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

Chris – the name of the sheep – has set the world record for the heavy unshorn fleece of 41.10 kg. While the average coat just weighs 5 kg and takes only three minutes to shear, Chris’ needed four helpers to do the job, and it had to be separated in two layers, and it took around 45 minutes to clear the first layer. Chris’s not the first sheep balloon to its current size in Australia.

#4. He Never Skips Leg Day

Australian-animals-4-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

Though at birth all Kangaroos are only about the size of jelly beans and not very developed, when growing up, this bodybuilding kangaroo would make all people who put all their time in the gym shame. This giant native Australian animal stands 2.07 meters (6ft 9ins) high top to tail and weighs a whopping 89 kg. Don’t mess with him; he’ll disembowel you… or worse.

#5. A Python Devouring A Possum As It Swung From A Tree

Australian-animals-5-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

The incredible moment of a massive python was snapped when it upon the 1,4 m reptile enjoying his lunch – a possum, whose tail and legs were still out of the snake’s mouth. This very nature show soon began to draw a crowd when it happened in a zoo.

#6. That’s a Crocodile, In Case You Were Wondering

Australian-animals-6-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

After seeing this picture, most of us must utter: it’s accurate to say snakes inspire more nightmares than other creatures. Even other scary monsters don’t stand a chance fight against this behemoth. In nature, the predator becoming the prey is not uncommon, but perhaps with the case like this, we cannot help shuddering.


#7. Welcome To Australia Where Frog Could Got Justice

Australian-animals-7-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

This terrifying image has been shared widely online. It is known as Australian Green Tree Frogs with 12 centimeters (five inches) in length; the poor one is the Eastern Brown Snakes who can reach 1.5 meters (five feet)in length. That’s not such a happy ending for the snake.

#8. The Scrotum Of Kangaroos Were Turned Into Souvenirs

Australian-animals-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

The marsupial especial Kangaroo has long been the symbol of beautiful Australia. However, for most tourists who came across these unique souvenirs, it is impossible unsurprising. The poor scrotum animal made in the form of a keychain or bottle opener has been considered one of the most popular Souvenirs in this Green Continent.


#9. Native Australian Animals – If Not The Deadliest Then Some Of The Scariest

Australian-animals-9-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

A homeowner was given a shock when discovering a massive wolf spider, which is venomous with a painful bite but not lethal, and hundreds of its creepy babies nestling on an electricity meter. After a user posted this photo, many netizens reacted with horror as black colored spider’s long legs covered the meter’s digital screen, while its babies surround the dials.



#10. Don’t Forget To Check Your Shoes

Australian-animals-10-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

Some sort of snakes don’t like sitting out in case it’s raining, they usually find their way to into houses or trees to escape the water and possibly looking for some warmth and your shoes may be the great shelters for one of them to relax.

#11. Strange and Inexplicable Photo

Australian-animals-26-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

A remarkable photo of two dead snakes – one brown, one black, entangled raising unanswered questions. How could the brown snake swallow the black snake? Is that reasonable?. This seems like courtship dancing in the breeding seasons when males engage each other for the right to mate. Most frequently this is ruthless combat with sheer brute force.

#12. When Shark Get Boring Life Under The Sea

Australian-animals-20-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

Flood brings dangers anywhere in the world; however, in Australia, flooded waterways increase the possibilities of snakes, crocodiles, and even sharks turning up in unexpected places. And for sure, there are not just several dangerous animals in Australia. Therefore, never walk in floodwaters because you never guess what’s in them.

#13.When a Massive Beast Kills a Bigger One

Australian-animals-21-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

There are a lot of scary native Australian animals, sliding right into the top could include deadly Australian snakes and venom spider. They are more common nearby the urban fringe or in rural part. However, they can also be observed close to cities and towns, particularly around watercourses and parkland.

#14.When You Aren’t Even Safe In Your Home

Australian-animals7-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

Snakes are excellent swimmers, and they also could turn up in unexpected areas, and they may find their way into people’s properties as they are very fond of slithering indoors in wet conditions. People said that snakes were common on the property such a scene probably shocks any homeowners.

#15. Random Pic For a Great Night

Australian-animals-23-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

Another picture proves that you should never wee without checking the toilet seat. There is always the chance of a spider lurking nearby. Or a tree frog. Or a snake. Or that creature.

#16. A Funnel Web Spider

Australian-animals-11-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

In Australia, arriving at school to notice your son isn’t wearing shoes is not uncommon.
This may be one of his problems. This is how native Australian animals freak people.

#17. Pig Steels 18 Beers From Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow


Australian-animals1-1-native australian animals

Source: independent.co.uk

At a campground in Western Australia, a pig was seen stealing 18 beers from campers. And just like anyone who gets three six-packs of beer in at a rural dive bar, the pig got big-headed and decided to get involved in an altercation with a cow which results in the cow chasing the pig around a car. Later, the pig was reported sleeping his hangover (and shame of trying to take down a cow?) off under a tree. Thank God, this was just a pig, imagine if it had been a drunk kangaroo.

#18. A Six-legged Visitor

Australian-animals2-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

Native Australian animals can comfortably take a stroll down the main street, or just head for people’s house like it was nobody’s business.

#19. Deadly Invisible Jellyfish

Australian-animals3-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

Irukandji jellyfish – the tiny, venomous and transparent jellyfish is super dangerous. Their bodies which are only 5 – 25 millimeters (1 inch) so that they’re practically undetectable in the ocean. Though an initial sting of this nearly invisible creature may be imperceptible, the venom can induce an illness named Irukandji syndrome includes muscle aches, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. The pain’s so severe that patients have been described begging doctors to kill them. Annually, there are about 50 to 100 Irukandji syndrome patients are hospitalized in Australia.


#20. Australia, Of Course!

Australian-animals4-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

Being a unique anatomy not found on any other continent, there is no doubt that kangaroo is Australia’s most famous animal. When asked to name some of the native Australian animals,  kangaroo is the first choice pop up in their mind. This picture shows us why there are about 40 million of them estimated (nearly double the human population of Australia) to be hopping around the country.

#21. Australia Is Heaven Of Giant Animal

Australian-animals5-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

No doubt about that this giant lizard shock you when this monster – Lace monitor lizards could grow up to two meters and likely can weigh up to 20 kgs. They feed on birds, eggs, and other tiny reptiles. You better stay away from Australia if you are scared of these creepy creatures.

#22. When A Horror Movie Is Nothing to Native Australian Animals

Australian-animals6-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

If this spider appeared on your glass door as you are cooking food no one can control anxiety and fear of it. Our venomous eight-legged friend seems freak people more than a horror movie. This spider should be on any list of terrifying native Australian animals.

#23. A Little Friend Who Does Not Pay For Ticket

Australian-animals-24-native australian animals

Source: Reddit

After being spotted limbing on a Melbourne tram to a little spot nice and cozy seat, this little friend has sent the internet into a spin. This is how native Australia animals tried to walk and were caught in the act, like: “Nothing to see here, just a ring-tailed possum riding the train. Move along”

#24. Meanwhile in Australia

Australian-animals-25-native australian animals

Source: Pinterest

In Australia, koala could go into a grocery like it was nobody’s business just because he needs milk but has no cash to pay.

#25. Believe It Or Not, This Photo Isn’t Photoshopped, Seriously!

Australian-animals8-native australian animals

Source: Imgur

A saltwater crocodile was taking a bite of a helicopter! Yes, that’s exactly what you see. That’s why we said that Native Australian animals take things way too far.

The list apparently proves that Australia is literally a deathtrap when it’s homing the most dangerous animals in the world. It is a real achievement for those people who reached adulthood in Australia because the native Australian animals are always lying in wait to bite or sting the unwary at every opportunity. And these native Australian animals just really push the limit way too far.

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