Insane Photos Of Drunk People—You Won’t Believe What These People Did

Enjoying a drink or two every now and then is a great social activity that can help us relax or calm down. There of those of us that love to let loose on a night out in a good alcohol-fuelled party. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know how to control themselves and their alcohol consumption and that’s when things get hilarious. And these drunk people sure to be the topic of conversations for months and even years.

Collection of Insane Photos Of Drunk People is a warning for you to drink in moderation, or you might end up following the footsteps of these drunk people when you wake up with a sore head and pretty much no memory of the last 24 hours while your drunk photos floating around the internet.

#1. Multi-tasking

1-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

The result after a night of heavy drinking. Though absolutely no one does recommend eating at the toilet or beside the garbage, we have to recognize that at least he’s a pretty organized drunk.

#2. Amazon Approved

2-drunk people

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This’s a great drunk Amazon purchase. We appreciate it, and there is no need even to be drunk to buy a gem like that.

#3. Welcome New Home, Kitty

3-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“My girlfriend got drunk and adopted a cat… She fits right in.” We glad that the little cat looks quite comfortable in her new home, we hope when her new owner wakes up the kitty hasn’t to look for another new home.

#4. When Walmart Shopper Got Drunk

4-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

All he wanted was a snack, but instead, he got a nap. Not a bad tradeoff if you ask us.

#5. A Modern Day Renaissance Masterpiece

5-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Alcohol can surprisingly make masterpiece recreations. After this scene, no one can say different.

#6. Battery Low

6-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this…” When he woke u, he better figure out why his phone wasn’t charged without blame on the faulty cord, or he should take another nap.

#7. Home Safe

7-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

It’s always good to check-in with yourself. Remaining safe even when you get loose and get stupid drunk is important because it’s a real challenge to get home in this state. Hence,  don’t forget to look out for each other and make sure everyone is ok. And make sure you’re ok too.


#8. Cold Feet

8-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Well, if you find this when you go to make breakfast then you must have come back home after a heavy drunk. And don’t forget to check your microwave oven, perhaps your phone would be there!

#9. His Pants Down

9-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

After a night out with his buddies, his fella’s face showed that he probably consider when getting some drinks next time.

#10. Let’s Baaaaaaaa!

10-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Many questions pop up… but these two party animals look like they had quite a night. And the most wondering is which bar allows sheep.

#11. Spider-Mom

11-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“The first time my mom has got drunk for over ten years,” and from the looks of it, this mom had one hell of a good time. Obviously, alcohol-fuelled genius solved the problem of the fictional spider to bite you, mom.

#12. I love you Internet. Don’t ever change

12-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“My friends got drunk, 3D scanned, and printed themselves.” Now they’ll never forget this night, even if they wanted to. There are somethings that just drunk people would do.

#13. Smart Sandal

13-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“This drunk woman dropped her phone. She picked up her sandal instead and used her phone as the sandal.” We call that being resourceful.

#14. You’re Drunk When You Find The Floor Comfortable

14-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

At least she had someone to watch after her through the night. Hey drunk people, in case of this, find yourself a partner, female, male, whatever!

#15. When You Are Drunk

15-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“Had a house party last night, still can’t find the key to my mom’s shoe.” You know, on the bright side, he made sure nothing got stolen.


#16. The Throne

16-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“Got blackout drunk and woke up to this.” Something tells us these kids were big fans of Game of Thrones.

#17. Night Of Fairly Heavy Drinking

17-drunk people

“Thank you, Uber the detailed map.” It’s too late when you realize that you had taken a very unnecessary cab ride.

#18. This Is Just Frightening

18-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“My roommate’s friend came over and got drunk. This is what I walked into later that night.” This is just frightening.

#19. Safety First

19-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“Drunk me tried making ravioli last night.” This could have ended violently. PS: Don’t use tools while intoxicated!

#20. Lending a Friendly Hand

20-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

“I found my friend passed out drunk with some guy.” That “guy” looks like a really good boy, though.

#21. When Your Alarm Doesn’t Work

30-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

When he “set his alarm” for a class in the morning. However, an 8:30 start, well, isn’t a smart choice when you drinking that much.

#22. Say Cheese

22-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Now, this is one tight-knit and inclusive squad, don’t you think?

#23. Well… Okay Then

23-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Friends help friends; it’s a beautiful thing, people.

#24. Stay Put

24-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

When this guy went a little too hard at a party with his friends, they made sure to keep him right where they could see him, taped to the wall. To make sure their pal didn’t get into any trouble while they headed out for the night, they made sure he would move a muscle while they were gone. We just hope he didn’t have to get up to use the restroom.

#25. Crawling Home

25-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

So close, girl. If the dog has an accident tonight, it’s not his fault. She still crawls through the doggy door while the open door right next to her.

#26. Balancing Act

26-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

It’s always great to see young men using their heads and getting creative. Especial drunk people, you would never guess what they can do.

#27. Drunk People

27-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, exhaustion takes over and you just gotta crash right where you are. We just hope these ladies made it home safely after their nap.

#28. Here Lies Jack

28-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

When their buddy passed out at the pregame, it was pretty much a no-brainer.


#29. Drinking Didn’t End Well

29-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

What Goes Up… Must eventually come down, but our question is how? This guy really should have thought twice before taking a “drunk nap” surrounded by his friends. They really had no choice.

#30. Deep Creek Beer Bong

30-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

This guy took beer-bonging to the next level, we’re not quite sure how he swallowed while holding his breath under the water. Guess we may have to try this ourselves… or not.

#31. Stack Them Up

31-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Balance is key when stacking lawn chairs, balance, and hydration, two things we think these folks are acing.

#32. Happy Birthday

32-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

All’s well that ends well, at least, we hope so for this birthday girl.

#33. Back Up On It

33-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Great aim takes great concentration, so we know who in this photo is sober

#34. Bathing Beauty

34-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

If you’re over there scratching your head, you aren’t alone. Maybe he’s just out there catching some sun, right? No… probably not.

#35. My New Haircut

35-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Something tells us this guy isn’t going to be too thrilled with his new look when he looks himself in the mirror, what do you think?

#36. Nighty night

37-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

The photo of drunk people raises so many questions. It seems like this is the only place this guy could sleep off his drunkenness though he spent the time to seek out those pillows to support his head. If only he had been tucked in with a blanket too!

#37. He’s in

38-drunk people

Source: Pinterest

Yes, he had a perfect conversation that no one could’ve resisted his charms with the back of that girl. It was the good talk and he was rewarded with a big kiss. Don’t ever underestimate the drunk people.


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