11 Wilderness Survival Tips That Actually Put Your Life In Danger

We can not foresee future, and we certainly can not know when the predicament happens to us. That’s why people prepare themselves information – and I mean accurate informationto come away unscathed in case we’re at the mercy of mother nature. There are various wilderness survival tips out there guiding in emergency circumstances. Take the right knowledge and turn it into survival skills when in need.

Unluckily, the reality is far from what any ‘reality’ show or online paper has given you. These wilderness survival guides are usually only half true or simply false. While there are so very many myths about wilderness survival going around, some experts figure out what’s wilderness survival tips that are not only ineffective but also potentially dangerous. Below are 11 common Wilderness Survival Tips That Actually Put Your Life In Danger.


#1. First Aid For A Snake Bite

wilderness-survival-tips-snakebite wilderness-survival-tips-10-wilderness survival tips

In some survival movie scenes, when someone gets bit, sucks out the poison and spits it out is what hero is supposed to do. But experts say that action is just on fiction. Snake venom doesn’t accumulate in the bitten area but spread the bloodstream quickly. So first, sucking it out is ineffective. Second, you both do risk. Instead, call an ambulance and hold the wound below the heart level and the victim should be drunk plenty of liquid.

#2. How To Survive A Bear Attack

wilderness-survival-tips-bear-attacks wilderness-survival-tips-1-wilderness survival tipsThis survival tip isn’t entirely right as play dead to show the bear we are not a threat. However, depending on the circumstance and the kind of bear that playing dead works or not. If black bear attacks you, never lay there, you have to fight for your life. If mother grizzly bear attack to protect its cubs, it literally would be a life or death fight.