10 Weird Jobs with High Salaries Over the World

Have you ever wondered what weird jobs with high salaries around the world are? Here is the one. Workers are required to don a furry suit, climb up on the roof and crawl along, cleaning the air-conditioning vents. Today, there are many strange jobs worldwide.  Most of them carry a higher salary that you could ever envision.  It is not easy to get some of these jobs, and it is possible that you wouldn’t consider them no matter how much you could earn.  Some of these jobs are challenging and carry risks. They range from finding balls to towing icebergs.  It is fascinating to take a look at these occupations and wonder why anyone would want to do them.

#1 Retrieving Golf Balls-A Weird Job That Pays

weird jobs with high salaries retrieving-golf-balls-a-weird-job-that-pays-weird jobs with high salaries

Retrieving Golf Balls

The Golf ball restoration industry is booming.  The water at the golf range can be a gold mine.  Golf Ball Divers earn $50,000 to $100,00 a year for retrieving balls from the water. It is certainly one of the weird jobs with a high salary.

It can be dangerous as wildlife is attracted to the bodies of water. This could be Virginia’s snapping turtle or Florida’s alligators. The divers are risking their lives every day.

#2 Sharing A Cuddle

sharin-a-cuddle-weird jobs with high salaries

Sharing A Cuddle

Professional Snugglers can be hired hourly. They work for a company and earn $40 to $80 an hour.

The need for the touch from another human is real.  People who are alone, emotionally or physically still require touch. This can help alleviate stress and depression and lower blood pressure.

Female snugglers are asked for, most of the time. While it is non-sexual, guys are not comfortable doing it with another male.  At the same time, women tend to be apprehensive about the idea of employing a male snuggler.


In Japan, there are cuddle cafes where customers can pay a dollar an hour to snuggle up to or sleep next to a female worker.

#3 Sleeping On the Job

sleeping-on-the-job-weird jobs with high salaries

A Professional Sleeper position

So you are dependent on the snooze control on your alarm and spend your day in the office yawning or drinking coffee.  Then you should consider applying for a Professional Sleeper position.

Professional sleepers take part in university sleep or dream studies. Others check beds for comfort.

In 2009 women were reimbursed to sleep in a ‘living art’ exhibition at The New Museum of Contemporary Art.

#4 Not for You If You Are Claustrophobic

claustrophobic-weird jobs with high salaries

Senior Submarine Cook

A weird job all over the world is a Senior Submarine Cook.  Underwater chefs in Australia are paid at least $200,000 a year. This job is crucial for the Navy.

There are not many people with cooking abilities and organizational skills to provide confidence – boosting food in a very small galley.  The job requires both residing and working in a tube below the sea.


#5 Eating On the Job

eating-on-the-job-weird jobs with high salaries

Pet Food Testers

Another Weird Job that Pays, Pet Food Testers assess the nutritional benefit of pet food by actually putting the food in their mouth.  They are paid $34,000 – $117,000 a year.  Most testers don’t swallow the food but spit it out.

Mark Gooley, who owns a pet food company, eats dog food for his livelihood.  His argument is “if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t dare expect your dog to eat it.”

#6 A Touchy Feely Job

a-touchy-feely-job-weird jobs with high salaries

The Face Feeler

Producers of cosmetics need to get an idea of how helpful their items are once they are put on the skin.  They also like to know how it feels.

The Face Feeler assesses the feeling, smell, and look of products.  They need to feel the person’s face to determine what effect items used on it might be having.  This include:

  • Soaps
  • Lotions
  • Razors

#7 On the Nose.

paper-towel-sniffers-weird jobs with high salaries

Paper Towel Sniffers

Here’s another weird job with a big salary. Paper Towel Sniffers are employed by the company to ensure their paper towels aren’t smelly. They receive from $19,000 to $52,000 a year depending on experience and olfactory ability.

Paper Towel Sniffers ensure that the rest of the world gets fresh paper towels.

#8 Chaperoning the Cup

chaperoning-the-cup-weird jobs with high salaries

Chaperoning the Cup

A Keeper of the Cup is employed to escort the Stanley trophy during its journeys and make sure it doesn’t get lost.  The trophy has a large price tag.
The Stanley Cup is presented to the championship team in the Canada/US National Hockey League Competition.  Each year’s winners are inscribed on it, and it is permanently housed at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Phil Pritchard, one of the Keepers, has been looking after the Cup for 26 years.  Meeting famous athletes is a bonus when doing this job.


#9 A Sexy Occupation

a-sexy-occupation-150x150-weird jobs with high salaries

A Sexy Occupation

A Chicken Sexer can determine the sex of day-old chicks.  They carry out this work both quickly and efficiently.  They earn $16000-$28,000 a year making it a weird job with a high salary

They are employed by large chicken farms. Female chicks are fed and given hormones to accelerate growth and egg laying. Sadly, the male chicks are killed almost straight away.

The world’s most efficient chicken sexers come almost entirely from Japan.

#10 The Tip of the Iceberg

the-tip-of-the-iceberg-150x150-weird jobs with high salaries

The Tip of the Iceberg

In the 1970’s French engineer, Georges Mougin developed a system for moving giant icebergs. He used:

  • 3D Technology
  • Satellite data
  • Oceanic Forecasting.

He used a “skirt” and a tugboat to tow the iceberg. Then using a helicopter, plane and a truck he moved the iceberg from Alaska to Iowa. The huge ice block was broken up to cool the delegate’s drinks.

Today Professional Iceberg Movers continue to tow icebergs to destinations where they are used for refreshing drinking water.

Other Weird Jobs with High Salaries

  • Professional Pushers in Japan get paid to shove people onto trains.
  • People in Iran are paid by drivers to hide their number plates. To deal with traffic congestion even numbers are allowed on the road on one day and odd numbers the following day.
  • In India, Sri Lanka, China, and South Korea there are authorized elephant dressers to prepare elephants for religious festivals.

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