8 Signs Show That Your Date Is Going Well

After a first date, it may hard for you to determine where you stand in her eye. You know what? More or less she was giving you the signs. The point is how you read your first date experience that shows your date is going well or not. Do you at least safe enough for a second date, should you ask for one? signs show that your date is going well.

#8. It Went On Longer Than Expected

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How long your first date went on will give you a visual clue if it was a success or not. Some cases the date couldn’t extend for some reasons but she still had a good time and she might have let you know in advance. If your girl did happily accompany you to whatever the second venue you guys decided on, it means that she at least wanted to see a little more of you and get to know you better.

#7. It Started Well


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It is said that everything counts on a first impression. If there was a connection right away between both you guys or at least a comfortable feeling pretty quickly at the first met and said your hellos. The early part of the date can be a good indicator, you totally have good reason to believe that your date is going well. However, even if things were a bit stale then, don’t hastily answer that she close all doors, there’s yet always the prospect that things turned around later.


#6. You Had A Lot In Common

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A great early sign that you can count on your date hacks is going well is finding common ground. It could be as simple as your favorite brand or as weird as your unreasonable attraction with gas smell. These commons are the directed way for both comfortably to open up and share your interests. That great sign also shows that your date is going well. If things go smoothly here, the second date isn’t far.


#5. Deep Conversation

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To consider your date is going well, don’t turn your back on how deep is your engaging. And yes, your conversation access your engaging. If your date is going well, the whole topic of your conversation shouldn’t be about the weather or jobs. Also, if both of you were trying to dig for something to talk about, it probably doesn’t go well.

#4. You Had Her Attention

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Everyone count this aspect when mentioning about your date is going well or not. But how do you know it? and how much if she had? Well, if she was into the date, she had no reason to use her phone in front of you while you were together. Remember that like you she just as worried about how’s she’s coming off to you as you are to her. So, it a great sign if she couldn’t look away in the whole evening and also asked a lot more questions than she would have if she was somewhat into you.

#3. Her Body Language

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Body language is a powerful vehicle to make yourself understood. will speak volumes about her interest in the date as it progressed. There are no secret signs that she interested in you. Things like: eye contact, posture, laughing and leaning in when speaking are some basic and really simple signs to take note. And of course, many of it depends on the venue and not all girls are the same. Also, if you notice and treat her base on her body language, somehow your date is going well.

#2. She Remembered The Little Things

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It was known that girls more likely paid a lot more attention to the little details, there’s no reason she don’t when she was on the date. So, if later on in the date you found that she remembered details that you mentioned very casually in passing, that’s definitely a sign that your date is going well. You can safely mark it as a success cuz she definitely had a good time on the date.


#1. The Goodbye

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The first impression is hard to forget but the goodbye is the important one. You went so far as to discuss times that you’re both free next week, you can safely exit this article we don’t even have to tell you that your date went well. It went very well. The question is already answered for you. Don’t worry if she just wanna polite. No girl who had a bad time is going to try to lock down plans for round two.

If you could tick for most of above item, your date is going well. If not great first date ideas might help you.

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