Top Funniest Animal Moments You Don’t Want To Miss

Animal, they’re cute, they’re adorable, they take over millions video in Youtube. Their pictures, gifs, stories flood the social networks. One thing is certain: animal are incredibly entertaining. We all watch videos of our pet or some other animal, no one can stand watches JUST ONE video of them. Believe me, you couldn’t stop yourselves to click the next gif of this funniest animal moments compilation.


#1. Someone did forget to pay the gravity bill


He does this because aliens are trying to take his attractive butts. Believe me, I’m a doctor and I have read puppy butt alien theory.

#2. Wait for it. Started watching for ass. Stayed for dogos


Yer may watch this gif not because of Girl, but because it is very cool; However, most of you initially clicked because of girl. The girl doing her nails. Holy mother of damn she is beautiful. Anyway, The first doggo is funny, he like: spank me yessss!! And the second one, and the third one, owwww, doggo!

#3. One punch man version real life


The kangaroo: “did you just……..You just hit me, you really hit me” The kangaroo was not simply hit by that fist, he was hit by reality. At that moment he realized that he’s the bad guy here.

#4. Morning exercise


My body is fine. I just need to work on that ass. This is how I do my morning exercise to in shape, it effective, I suppose.

#5. When you forgot to press the jump button


Hamster: “I believe I can jump, I believe I can… shit!!?

#6. Shut up!


“I don’t like the way you walk, bitch.” Slap!!!

#7. The fickle relationship among cat


“I love you” “I love you too” “I love you more” “No I love you more” “BITCH I SAID I LOVE YOU MORE!!” Pretty much how women friendship works. Don’t try to understand females, they do and they hate each other.

#8. 69 dogs


Omg! These dogs have more action than all of us lol.

#9. The new version of star war


And yes, it directed by Micheal Bay. The new star wars movie looking good

#10. I am the cat and the dog is life


Sure, when the doggy doing this to cate, it’s hilarious. But when I do the same to my friends, it’s not. Why is that?

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