Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2016

Emerging Technologies 2016 – As we grow, change, and evolve as a people, so does the technology that we make use of. These days, people consider it impractical, unreasonable, and not to mention, archaic if someone doesn’t have a smartphone, laptop computer, or a tablet in tow wherever they go, and that says a lot about the growing role that technology plays in our lives. Although many of us think we’ve already come a long way (and while that might be true in some cases), we’ve still got a long way to go regarding technological advances.

emerging technologies 2016
Emerging Technologies 2016

According to analysts and specialists, there’s a whole world of tech that we’re yet to behold, and all of these seemingly impossible sci-fi fiction fantasies are about to become very real. Want to find out just how tech is expected to change in the next few years? Read on to see Emerging Technologies 2016.

Top 10 Technology Trends 2016 That will Rule the Future

1.    Robots

emerging technologies 2016
Smartphone robot is given emotion

Even today, there are times when we interact with robots without knowing it. That automated phone service you always hear at the other end of a phone call to a corporation or business, that automatic washer and dryer, and even your smartphone to some extent make use of robot technology in a rather infantile state. But that’s not to say this idea isn’t rapidly developing. There are lots of emerging technologies in the realm of robots at work in our world today, and soon, these will be given more emotion, more human-like abilities, and greater freewill to imitate an actual human thought process for a more social artificial interaction experience.

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