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Top Funniest Animal Moments You Don’t Want To Miss

#11. Pugs have definitely a sense of humor Source I don't know who I feel worse for 🙁 the puppies who are scared outta their minds or the kitten who is just trying to make some friends. #12. When someone asks how your life going Source That moment the dog ...
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Startups Are Like Sex

Ways Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex As with anything in the Human Experience, starting a company can be viewed through the lens of sex. The sex-lens. Look through the sex-lens with me. Come on! It's not creepy – what are you talking about!? Come look at how startups are like sex... Hey, ...
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Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Top 10 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Ridiculously Successful People We know they exist because we hear about them all the time—people so successful that their names are synonymous with innovation, power, and huge piles of cold, hard cash.  What we don’t hear about all the time is how these ridiculously successful people do it on ...
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Diving by Death’s Door: The Top Coolest Extreme Sports for Men

All athletes court some sort of physical injury.  Most simply put themselves at higher risk for knee problems in later life.  Others, however, like to run up to Death’s door, ring his doorbell, and see if they can get away fast enough that he doesn’t catch them at it.  This ...
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Guess What Guys, Have More Than 10 Signs A Woman is Interested in You

At some stage in our life, we all want to find our soulmate who we will be with, for the rest of our lives. Cher’s hit, The Shoop Shoop Song, described the importance of the kiss.  This is true for you, as you question her interest in you.  However, we ...
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