Top coolest extreme sports for men

Extreme Sports for Men

Looking to get into something new? Or just wondered what the top extreme sports for men are? Then let’s take a look at some extreme activities, which will be sure to get your blood pumping!

extreme sports for men
Extreme activities get your blood pumping


These activities shouldn’t be taken lightly, and can require a certain amount of physical fitness – you must make responsible use of any appropriate safety equipment, whilst putting your trust into only experienced trainers/operators.

1# Cave Diving

Definitely one of the top coolest extreme sports for men. It features diving underwater into dark caves. It is especially not for those with claustrophobia or fear of water.

The equipment is very particular for the diving techniques, and can be considered as technical diving. Check the following video for basic cave diving training.

You will need:

  • Fitness for challenging physical exertion.
  • Strength to fight any incoming water currents.
  • Training in cave navigation.
  • Investment for the state of the art equipment.

This sport is very rewarding for divers, giving an authentic experience to exploring the deep blue underworld.

This extreme sport is available worldwide

Countries include:

  • Florida, USA.
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • France
  • Egypt
  • Maltese Islands
  • Sardinia
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