Top Funniest Animal Moments You Don’t Want To Miss


Animal, they’re cute, they’re adorable, they take over millions video in Youtube. Their pictures, gifs, stories flood the social networks. One thing is certain: animal are incredibly entertaining. We all watch videos of our pet or some other animal, no one can stand watches JUST ONE video of them. Believe me, you couldn’t stop yourselves to click the next gif […]

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Ways Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex As with anything in the Human Experience, starting a company can be viewed through the lens of sex. The sex-lens. Look through the sex-lens with me. Come on! It’s not creepy – what are you talking about!? Come look at how startups are like sex… Hey, Don’t Go Getting Any Ideas, Okay? A company, like any […]

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Top 10 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Ridiculously Successful People We know they exist because we hear about them all the time—people so successful that their names are synonymous with innovation, power, and huge piles of cold, hard cash.  What we don’t hear about all the time is how these ridiculously successful people do it on a daily basis.  Without further ado, here’s a top ten list […]

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Diving by Death’s Door: The Top Coolest Extreme Sports for Men


All athletes court some sort of physical injury.  Most simply put themselves at higher risk for knee problems in later life.  Others, however, like to run up to Death’s door, ring his doorbell, and see if they can get away fast enough that he doesn’t catch them at it.  This article—on the top coolest extreme sports for men—is meant for […]

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Top coolest extreme sports for men


Extreme Sports for Men Looking to get into something new? Or just wondered what the top extreme sports for men are? Then let’s take a look at some extreme activities, which will be sure to get your blood pumping! Caution: These activities shouldn’t be taken lightly, and can require a certain amount of physical fitness – you must make responsible […]

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30 Days To Six Pack Abs


30 Days To Six Pack Abs – Forget the flat tummy, we all want abs! Today, fitness has shifted from just slimming down and losing fat to getting ripped and earning muscle. And of course, the most coveted cut of all time just has to be the abs. Man or woman, who doesn’t want a sculpted midsection rippling through clothing? […]

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Top 10 Gadgets You Should Have


Times are changing and if you want to keep up with the world, it’s important that you equip yourself with the proper tech to do so. Technology has developed so much through recent years that it has become virtually impractical and sometimes even irresponsible to fail to get with the times. These days, it’s common to see people toting some […]

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8 Tips to Start Business


Many of us work our day jobs to earn a living, but in doing so, we fail to truly live. When we take on formal employment, we effectively become a tool to help another person achieve their dream, but what exactly does that do for us aside from providing us a salary to help us get by our day to […]

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The Not So Secret Signs That She Wants You


Women may appear to be mysterious creatures, but this is not necessarily so. Look out for these signs that let you know that she wants you. What do women want? First impressions do count, and these first impressions are mostly 55% non-verbal signals, 38% verbal signals, and only 7% words spoken. The best way to gauge if a woman wants […]

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