10 Weird Jobs with High Salaries Over the World

Have you ever wondered what weird jobs with high salaries around the world are? Here is the one. Workers are required to don a furry suit, climb up on the roof and crawl along, cleaning the air-conditioning vents. Today, there are many strange jobs worldwide.  Most of them carry a higher salary that you could ever envision.  It is not easy to get some of these jobs, and it is possible that you wouldn’t consider them no matter how much you could earn.  Some of these jobs are challenging and carry risks. They range from finding balls to towing icebergs.  It is fascinating to take a look at these occupations and wonder why anyone would want to do them.

#1 Retrieving Golf Balls-A Weird Job That Pays

weird jobs with high salaries weird jobs with high salaries
Retrieving Golf Balls

The Golf ball restoration industry is booming.  The water at the golf range can be a gold mine.  Golf Ball Divers earn $50,000 to $100,00 a year for retrieving balls from the water. It is certainly one of the weird jobs with a high salary.

It can be dangerous as wildlife is attracted to the bodies of water. This could be Virginia’s snapping turtle or Florida’s alligators. The divers are risking their lives every day.

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