Guess What Guys, Have More Than 10 Signs A Woman is Interested in You

At some stage in our life, we all want to find our soulmate who we will be with, for the rest of our lives. Cher’s hit, The Shoop Shoop Song, described the importance of the kiss.  This is true for you, as you question her interest in you.  However, we can mention 10 signs a woman is interested in you.


We all want to find our soulmate

#1 Our Soulmate


It is important that both partners are fit

Firstly, it’s important to love being single. It is true that a relationship will survive if both partners are fit, secure and self – reliant.

  • Find stimulating hobbies.
  • Appreciate family and friends.
  • Follow an interesting career.
  • Work at being positive and strong.

It is important to wait until the person you are interested in has been single for some time.  If you are starting the relationship with an affair, there is a good chance it won’t last.

Remember that the more appealing friends you have, there is more of a chance of meeting the right person.

  • Join a group.
  • Spend time participating in a hobby.
  • Volunteer in a worthwhile cause.
  • Nurture satisfying friendships.

When you realize that you have met your soulmate, how do you know if she is into you? Here are 10 signs a woman is interested in you.

#2 Meeting Her Friends for the First Time


Her friends will know much of you

It is obvious that she has been discussing you with her friends. They know a lot of information about you.

#3 You are not that Popular


You are not that popular

When mixing with her friends on social occasions, you are met with steely-eyed stares. Her friends begrudge the way she talks about you constantly in their company.

#4 A Very Important One of the 10 Signs a Woman is Interested in You.


Suddenly she has the same favorite team with you

You didn’t know she was a fan of the NBA, but suddenly she seems to know all about your favorite team.  She is able to talk proficiently about the Denver Nuggets.

#5 Sucking Up


She is getting information from your friend

She starts groveling to your friends. She is trying to get information from them about your present relationship standing.

#6 Soulmates Without a Doubt


She believes you are meant for each other

She overreacts when she finds out that you have the same interests.  She believes that this definitely means you are meant for each other. You are soulmates.

#7 Grinning at Strange Moments


Grinning at Strange Moments

She chuckles during everyday conversations.  These could be about commonplace subjects like doing the grocery shopping.

#8 Appearing Helpless


Asking for help though she could do it

While she is quite capable of doing tasks, like changing a light bulb, she asks for your help. This is to strengthen your ego and make more time for one on one interaction.

#9 A Slip of the Tongue


She actually uses the words into you

While working on a project together, she actually uses the words into you.  She should be referring to the assignment and saying she is into that.

#10 Those Small Favors


Those Small Favors

She makes the most of the chance to do small favors for you. While there might be hidden motives you really care.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere


Signs a woman is interested in you

She compliments unforeseen features of your appearance. She notices and tells you she likes your hair for instance.

If you’re ready for a relationship and believe you have found your soulmate watch for any of the 10. Then keep working on it and separate if she shows signs of becoming indifferent.

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