10 Secrets of Great Communicators

While the vast majority of people might think that communicating is as easy as talking, that’s not the case. Talking is the process of moving the lips, teeth, and tongue to make sounds and form words, but what is communication and what are the secrets of great communicators? As opposed to only talking, communicating is the process of delivering thoughts and ideas in a manner that’s understandable and engaging for those on the receiving end. A good communicator isn’t someone with a sweet voice or an attractive accent, rather a person who can reach out to people of different backgrounds and engage them in a way that encourages the development of relationships and the stimulation of the mind.

secrets of great communicators
Secrets of Great Communicators

Seeing communication in this light makes it obvious that not everyone is a good communicator, but there are ways to improve communication skills to better reach out to audiences. Find out how to improve communication skills with these secrets from the best of the best communicators. Here we are 10 secrets of great communicators.

1.    Understand Your Audience

secrets of great communicators
Reaching to the specific audience

A huge chunk of being a good communicator is learning to understand your audience before your speak to them. Who are they? What interests them? What do they want to hear? By answering these simple questions, you get a better idea of how exactly you should go about reaching to a particular audience. Communicating is all about tailoring your speech to fit the people you’re talking to; it’s about learning what ways are most effective when trying to get them to appreciate what you’re trying to say to maximize the influence and power of your speech. You wouldn’t talk to a bunch of elementary school students the way you talk to corporate bigwigs, and vice versa. Target your talk and get the best out of every speaking opportunity.

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