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Hottest Girls Get The Most Shocking Photos Ever

The most shocking photos - you've ever never known what truly is if you haven't seen these photos. Discover by yourself; I believe you are about to do the same with me: no comment. ''Cool! So curious''. But wait, I bet you must utter "eww..." instead when looking at the following ...
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Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing: Wrong Photo Snapped At Right Moment

Perfect timing is one of the most important factors to produce masterpieces. The great things occur when perfect timing suddenly comes and flabbergast you with breathtaking photos - such an excellent one-in-lifetime picture. Look at these 51 photos, and you will agree that the moment changes everything. You couldn't have planned ...
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Top Funniest Animal Moments You Don’t Want To Miss

Animal, they’re cute, they’re adorable, they take over millions video in Youtube. Their pictures, gifs, stories flood the social networks. One thing is certain: animal are incredibly entertaining. We all watch videos of our pet or some other animal, no one can stand watches JUST ONE video of them. Believe ...
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Startups Are Like Sex

Ways Startups Are Like Sex

Startups Are Like Sex As with anything in the Human Experience, starting a company can be viewed through the lens of sex. The sex-lens. Look through the sex-lens with me. Come on! It's not creepy – what are you talking about!? Come look at how startups are like sex... Hey, ...
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Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Top 10 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

Ridiculously Successful People We know they exist because we hear about them all the time—people so successful that their names are synonymous with innovation, power, and huge piles of cold, hard cash.  What we don’t hear about all the time is how these ridiculously successful people do it on ...
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